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Well Pump Repairs & Replacements in Pensacola FL

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If your well pump is constantly running, or you have no water flow coming from your kitchen or bathroom faucets you need a well service contractor you can count on—and that’s A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation. Our well technicians provide quality centrifugal and submersible well pump repairs in Pensacola, FL, and the surrounding area. 

We have over three decades of experience, and pride ourselves on reliable, prompt, and friendly service. Get in touch today to get your water well back up and running.

Reduce your chance of pump problems with our affordable annual well inspections and maintenance services.

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Signs Your Water Well Needs Repairs 

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Having a water well to provide you clean water for your home, commercial property, farm or orchard has many advantages over city water supplies including your quality water comes at a lower monthly cost but a well has more components that must be maintained or repaired so that it yields the right amount of water for a happy and healthy household.  

Not producing enough water- on poor water pressure warm air—are obvious signs that you need pump repair, but there are other far more subtle symptoms that should warrant a call to our experienced team as well:

  • Sputtering water from the faucet or tub

  • Undrinkable water

  • Pressure switch problems.

  • Tripped or faulty breakers

  • Well water is dirty


Some of these issues can be resolved with simple repairs, but they can escalate to more serious problems that require more extensive and costly repairs if left unaddressed. Equipment failure and plumbing breakdowns due to blocked or broken pipes can be more than a minor inconvenience, especially if you have a well failure that does not yield enough groundwater for your household. To live life uninterrupted, give A Premier and Landscaping in Pensacola FL a call.

Water Well Troubleshooting

#1Breaker Box: One of the most frequent calls we receive is from disgruntled customers whose water has stopped working, before panic sets in check your electrical panel to make sure your breaker has not tripped and is set in the on position, this could solve the issues your pump is running again.

#2: Pressure Tank: Every well must have a pressure tank and if the psi gets too high then the issue can be inside your home not with your well pump however if your tank has no pressure then this could be electric issues so check your breakers or it may be a pressure switch has gone bad if the pressure returns you may have a leak or flow rate issue that requires a water well technician to correctly diagnose the issue and resolve it, 


#3 Low Water Table: If you lack water, it could be due to weather, f you have a shallow well and the Emerald Coast is experiencing a drought you may have a low water supply, this can be temporary but if your water table does not rise it may be a sign your well driller did an inadequate job installing your well or drilling deep enough for your property.

For all your well inspection and repairs need contact Pensacola Best Well Driller Experts, A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation 

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Water Well Pump Repair vs. Replacement

The pump could be considered the heart of your water well as this is what provides you with fresh, clean water. While most submersible pumps have a 12-to-15-year life span and centrifugal pumps last 8 to 10 years there may be times when you need to replace your pump before they expire such as a pump that is having frequent issues because of improper installation or if your family has grown in size requiring you need to need a larger pump. However, these guidelines aren’t a hard-and-fast rule. We recommend a full inspection before you make that call. Sometimes if a water pump is acting up, other factors are at play. For instance, your sanitary well cap could be faulty, or your well could be pumping out the air or have iron bacteria buildup in an isolated part of the pipes. In those cases, a repair can resolve the problem, more cost-effectively, than a replacement.


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Why We Are Northwest Floridas Best Choice 

No matter what’s wrong with your good pump, our skilled team at A Premier Landscape and Irrigation, can fix it—and if we can't, we'll be honest about it and work with you, so you have a reliable replacement suited for the needs of your household. Your water supply is our top priority, and our team will work hard to ensure that every homeowner in Northwest Florida has access to clean and fresh water.

All our pumps come with unbeatable warranties, and we often provide same-day service and always get the job done right and for a price, you can afford!

Look for our rig in your neighborhood, we provide well drilling to residents in Milton, Pace, Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Navarre, Destin, Crestview,  Gulf Breeze, Defunial Springs, and Panama City Florida. 

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We put our Water Well technicians through rigorous background checks for your safety and peace of mind.



Using the latest water well technology, we’re able to provide the best and most cost-efficient solutions.



Dealing with a water well emergency? We’re available for same-day or next-day service so you don’t have to go long without water or the expert solutions you need.


When you work with A Premier Landscape and Irrigation, you can expect nothing less than the best pump repairs and well drilling in Pensacola and Northwest Florida. Call Us Today at 850-897-1000 to schedule an appointment.

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