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All Work Permitted by Florida Water Management #9378

Well Inspection & Quality Water Testing Pensacola

Keep your well running at peak performance with routine maintenance and annual inspection from A Premier Landscape and Irrigation, in Escambia County.

If your well pump is constantly running, or you have no water flow coming from your kitchen or bathroom faucets you need a well service contractor you can count on—and that’s A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation. Our well technicians provide quality centrifugal and submersible well pump repairs in Pensacola, FL, and the surrounding area. 

We have over three decades of experience, and pride ourselves on reliable, prompt, and friendly service. Get in touch today to get your water well back up and running.

Floridians Keep Your Family, Crops, and Business Safer


If you have ever experienced a disruption with your water supply, then you understand this is a headache no water well homeowner or businessowner wants to deal with. Given the option few of us would devote a Sunday to testing our water or pulling up drop pipes to ensure your pipes are free of corrosion or that your wires have no frays but seeing that a water well can be costly to repair not to mention inconvenient should the well run dry, maintenance is a must.  Inspecting your water well can be an intimidating experience especially if you don’t understand all the numerous components that makes your water well run like a well-oiled machine, this is why our team has created a plan exclusively to benefit homeowners, farmers, businessowners, and anyone with a water well in Pensacola or Northwest Florida. 

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Do you have a rural farm in FL whose crops depends on running water? At the first sign of any problems give our team a call for prompt, reliable service!

Water Well Plan for Northwest FL Residents

A Plan To Fit All Your Well Water Needs!


The purpose of our well and pump maintenance program is to prevent a halt in your water supply and potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair cost. Here is a list of what is included:


Above Ground Well Inspection

When you schedule your inspection service with A Premier Landscape and Irrigation you can entrust that your well is in the reliable and capable hands of true water well professionals who arrive on time and create minimal disruption. Our team starts above ground to check:


  • Look over well cap & sealing

  • Examine your water supply is fresh and odor free

  • Look for cracks and frayed wires

  • Measure casing to verify casing is a foot above ground

  • Check casing for wear and tear including corrosion

  • Make sure your grout is in good shape

  • Examine Concrete Padding



Once we have completed your above ground inspections we evaluate every aspect of your wells components, your well has many key components that must function properly in order to supply you the best water in Florida.


Component Well Inspection

Water Pump: Your wells heart is the pump; we test the pump lifecycle as well as the capacitors tare working sufficiently and provide you an idea of when it will need replacing


Pipes & Wiring: Our team pulls up the drop pipes to ensure your pipes have no decay, that the coupling is secure, and the wires are intact.

Electrical Control panel: We verify connections and wires are properly in place and without damages

Pressure Tank & Gages: Using compressed air we test for positive pressure and examine functionality  


Test Valves: We make sure your valves are primed and that the flow of water is moving in the right direction as well as brass adapters and rope adapters



Water Quality Testing


Once we have created a detailed report including any necessary repairs or foreseeable issues that could prevent your water well from performing properly, we will test the quality of your water meets the standards set forth by federal and state regulations in order to ensure the best quality of water for your home, business, farm, or orchard. In addition to offering water quality testing during our inspection we also suggest you test the flow of your water if you’re having well drilling in or near Pensacola Fl or if your looking to sell your home or property, have a new home addition that raises the demand of your water such as a new swimming pool or irrigation system.  We check for:


Chemical Content: This includes hardness, metals, nutrients, chloride, sodium, and organic compounds


Physical Content: Turbidity, clarity of water and smell 


Biological Content: Fecal matter, total coliform, viruses, bacteria and contaminants.

Does My Well Need Maintenance?

If you want your well pump to last over a decade without needing major repairs, you need regular well maintenance. Our comprehensive well tune-up includes an an above ground inspection, component inspection, and water quality testing.

Our team will catch issues before they escalate into problems that impact your wells performance and water quality. We recommend scheduling a maintenance service at least once a year. Our team can do the job at your convenience, and we work quickly. The best part is signing up is free!

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Benefits of Our Water Well Service Program

Most of our customers choose to have us preform an annual inspection of their water well but if you have a farm, orchard, or business you may choose to have our well service technician come our more frequently. We customize our plan for when you need us most.

In between visits we recommend if you notice distasteful or smelly water, muddy or milky water, low water pressure or your pump is constantly running or not working as it should to give us a call straight away. Scheduling a repair service with us is quick and easy. We offer same day well service repairs including centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps and jet pumps as well as water storage units. 

Here are the benefits you can expect from our well and pump program:


Tune-up Reminders: There are a million things that vie for our attention and make us loose track of time, this is why we contact you every year to remind you of your schedule well tune-up


Customized Reporting: Once our technician has methodically inspected your components and tested your water, we will email you a report including and recommendation to increase or maintain your water flow and make you aware if your pump needs any repairs in addition to an upfront and fair price for any necessary repairs.


Peace of Mind:  When our above ground and component inspection is complete you can rest easy knowing your water well is working at its optimal performance to supply your home, farm, orchard, or business with sufficient ground water


Exclusive Benefits for Homeowners

If you are a homeowner in or near the Pensacola area seeking to protect the investment of your well so that it last as long as possible this program is for you. Forget having to deal with unwelcomed surprises from a low water supply or a well that needs emergency repairs. Our pump program will keep your water well and pump running like a fine-tuned machine to provide you and your family the protection you need against unsafe water due to contamination.


Dont Take Any Chances Whe It Comes To The Qulality and Usage of Water Your Family Depends On -Contact Us Today For Well Repairs, Replacements or an Inspection



Does your livelihood depend on the water supply you provide for your crops and livestock? For many Floridians, a well that stops supplying water or runs dry can be disastrous as without crops your family depends on as a source for income this can mean all efforts are wiped out and no income is available to provide for your family. In matters such as these it’s important to know who you can count on. When you work with our experienced team, we create you a tailored maintenance plan that leaves nothing to chance and provides you the ability to have high yielding crops and healthy livestock. Our program is designed as a preventive that helps you avoid unsightly repair bills and If problems do arise we offer same day and next day well and pump repair services.

Our Maintenance program is also great for engineers, contractor, and commercial property owners. How about those golf courses!

Let us put our three decades worth of experiences and knowledge in the well industry to work for you and your Northwest Florida property. We are ready to help, schedule your free consultation with our licensed Florida professionals.

In addition to offering rual area farmers water well services we also offer irrigation services

Why Work With Our Team? 

At A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation, we provide quality water well services from thorough inspections, pump repairs and replacements, and water well drilling in the Pensacola and Northwest Florida area. Our team has provide dependable services to residential and commercial customers since 1989. Aside from our dependability and guaranteed customer satisfaction choose us for:

  • Quick Turnaround Times

  • Honest & Competitive Prices

  • Licensed, insured, and polite well technicians

  • Industry leading technology


When you want the best water money can buy look no further than your local and family-owned water well service provider, Call A Premier at 850-897-1000 to schedule your water well inspection in Pensacola, FL.

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