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Northwest Florida premier well drilling specialist specializing in residential and commercial sand, gravel, and rock water well for over 30 years

Are you building a new home? Or are you seeking to replace an older existing well? Whether you need well digging in Pensacola Fl for a new installation or need to replace your well, you can count on our team at A Premier Landscape and Irrigation. We have provided quality well drilling in the Pensacola area since 1989.

Our team will go above and beyond to ensure our customers are satisfied with the well drilling they receive for their home, commercial property, farm, or orchard. We use industry-leading pumps and materials to provide you with sufficient water and to minimize the need for well repairs. Our goal is to deliver the best service possible to our customers at the most cost-effective prices.   

Keep your new water well running at its peak performance with our well maintenance service plan

Water Well Services in Northwest FL

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Common Pump Problems 

A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation Trusted Well Driller in Panama City FL


One of the greatest benefits to living in our area is we are fortunate enough to live near the largest aquifer in the southeastern United States. Water aquifers can be an amazing resource as they provide superior drinking water for or domestic, industrial, and agricultural purposes. The reason the water is so superior is that the cleanest water comes from underground porous rocks but to gain access to this water a well must be created by drilling a hole that can tap into our fresh drinking water. In fact, without well drilling, much of our water throughout Florida is deemed undrinkable due to its high saltwater content. Choosing the right well driller is critical for the success of the drill you are wishing to have installed.

When you work with A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation you can entrust our team to properly drill your residential or commercial water well to protect your water table. We have the right equipment and knowledge for sand, gravel, and rock well drilling if there is ever a concern when drilling to install your new well, we can rectify the situation immediately before it turns into a problem.  When you hire our well driller in the Panama City FL area you can rest assured that when we drill your water well it will be drilled right the first time, every time. This means our well drillers will: 

  • Place Safety as Top Priority

  • Use the most reliable method to obtain the depth of your water table

  • Never drill through water lines or power lines

  • We will drill away from the septic tank

  • We will not endanger your animals or crops

  • We will file proper reporting

Proper Planning for Your Florida Water Well

Over the last thirty years having successfully drilled countless sand, gravel, and rock water well in the Pensacola Fl area our knowledgeable team understands the most important aspect of drilling is in the preparation, this is why we offer hassle-free consultation. During your consultation, our licensed and insured technician will inspect your property to determine where to drill and the depth and diameter of your well as well as the type of well that is best suited for your needs. This requires understanding the unique needs of each of our customers. On average most customers can safely assume they will need 50 to 75 gallons of water per day for each household member, but this does not include your landscaping, swimming pool, or other high yield water needs. We can also go over various price points to ensure your well drilling aligns with your budget. 

Rock, Sand, and Gravel Water Well Installation


One of the biggest questions we receive is what type of well is best for your home, this can be quite tricky, but you can trust us to make the best-educated guess based on the flow characteristics of the wells in your area so that your well yields at least 10 gallons of water per minute to prevent any potential problems. The most common well in our area is the rock water well due to its ability to produce superior water. The rule of thumb in our industry is the deeper the well the better the water quality due to the richness in minerals it provides. However, this does come at a higher price so if you are seeking a more economical solution, we also offer sand and gravel wells. Another advantage is these wells can be installed almost anywhere on your property and if it is unable to yield enough water you can consider using a water storage tank to aid in a steady flow of water regardless of the type of well you have or the size of your family.  

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Mud Rotary Well Drilling Northwest Florida

When you have our team install your sand, gravel, or rock well we use a method known as mud rotary water well drill. This technique provides our client with a higher level of penetration than air rotary drilling. Using mud rotary drilling our rigs are able to produce hundreds of feet per day for a variety of soil conditions in Walton, Escambia, Okaloosa, Walton, and Bay County. Other benefits mud rotary well drilling provides are:  

  •  Does not cause damages to the formation

  • Uses the right combination of mud weight, viscosity, and filtration control

  • Is able to overcome most pressure caused by water, oil, and gas pressure

  • Prevents the intrusion of fluids into the formation

  • Does not cause cross-contamination or damages when the compressor is closed.


One of the biggest concerns with well drilling in Pensacola Fl is loss of circulation as this can delay your water well installation. Our team at A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation has developed a process to resort lost circulation to have your water well drilled on time. Our team uses bulk materials such as paper or the hulls from cottonseeds and mixes it into the mud to heal up zones from sucking fluids.  If you happen to have hired an air well driller in or near Pensacola FL who is unable to provide you with the desired depth for your water well give our mud well drillers a call, we guarantee to reach your target depth.

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Play and Enjoy We'll Make Sure Your Well Never Runs Dry!

Northwest Florida Premier Well Driller

Nobody installs more water wells in Panama City than A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation, LLC. Why?

Because we offer professional service, courteous technicians, and unbeatable warranties. With three decades of experience, there's no well service we haven’t done from rock to sand and gravel. We even offer competitively priced water well maintenance services to extend your well lifespan and prevent well water repairs.

With our skilled well drilling contractors in Florida on your side, you can rest easy knowing you have a reliable well to provide you with the cleanliest drinking water. When you choose us, you can also expect:

  • Fully licensed and insured contractors

  • Quality workmanship and parts

  • Same-day service

  • Convenient scheduling


We put our Water Well technicians through rigorous background checks for your safety and peace of mind.



Using the latest water well technology, we’re able to provide the best and most cost-efficient solutions.



Dealing with a water well emergency? We’re available for same-day or next-day service so you don’t have to go long without water or the expert solutions you need.


If you need a new well installed in Panama City FL, or anywhere across Northwest FL trust our team at A Plus Landscape and Irrigation. Call: 850-897-1000. 

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