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Well Abandonment 
Its The Right Thing To Do & Its The Law!

All Work Permitted by Florida Water Management #9378

Well Abandonment in Northwest Florida

Do you have an old well lurking on your Pensacola property? Call A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation for prompt & professional water well services.  

Have you recently moved into a new home in Northwest Florida and discovered there is a water well on your property that was left unused and not sealed up? Or have you simply neglected your water well and need to abandon it legally? Then contact A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation who understands the legal process of filling and capping the unused well, so it does not pose a risk to our water aquifer or other wells in your neighborhood who depend on it for clean, freshwater. We offer complete water well services including well plugging for residential and commercial properties located in Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Walton, and Escambia Counties. Our team is fully insured, licensed, and adhere to all the guidelines from the Water Management District and the state of Florida to abandon water well includes windmill wells properly and legally, irrigation wells, domestic wells, groundwater or remediation wells that has been disconnected from pumping equipment for more than six months.

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Keep your new water well running at its peak performance with our well maintenance service plan

Why Water Wells Need to Be Properly Plugged

The primary goal of well plugging is to prevent water contamination and make sure the area is returned to its original conditions before well drilling occurred. Other reasons you want to plug your well include


  • To avoid risk to people and animals

  • Water Conservation

  • To avoid polluting or contaminating the water supply

  • Because it’s the law


The reasons most wells are abandoned is over time they begin to decline when they are not properly taken care of because they were no longer needed, or someone moved away from the property. In either event, when a water well is no longer used, preparation by the landowner is required by law.

The Risk of An Abandon Well

While you may understand the importance of well drilling in Northwest Florida you may not have considered the risk that can occur. An abandoned well that is left unsealed poses a great safety and health risk to groundwater and to the property owners.

Risk to Water

When a well is left abandoned and disconnected from pumping equipment it is still making direct contact with the aquifer where the water comes from with no way to filter out contamination. You may not think a small number of chemicals can have such a significant impact, but it only takes a small amount of pesticides or solvents to contaminate millions of gallons of water.  Since the breakdown can be a slow process this can create damages for the long haul to nearby residents who depend on the aquifer for their source of water.  

Risk To Owners

When a well is left uncapped it becomes a trip hazard as anyone who has ever encountered one can a testify to. Children and animals who are unaware of the hole can be hurt by a well even if the well is left covered as the soil can be unsteadily surrounding it.


This is why if you even suspect a well may have been improperly abandoned you should give our licensed well driller specialty in Northwest FL a call. We have the experience to identify whether or not you need the water well sealed off and if we discover it is not can act quickly to take care of it before it becomes a serious threat.     

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Process for Well Abandonment in Northwest FL 

Depending on the size, location, and how deep the well was drilled will determine what necessary steps are required to properly seal up or plug the well. Our team ensures that the process is seamless while following all legal guidelines. Once you call A Premier Landscape and Irrigation, we will schedule a convenient time to come out to your property to do a free site inspection to plan for the water well to be sealed up, then our team will obtain all the necessary permits from the district.  It’s important to mention that a permit can only be granted to a licensed well water contractor. Once we have received permission, we will provide you with a copy of the permit and then schedule a service to seal up the well. In most cases, we can offer same-day or next-day services depending on the size of the well and how deep the well was drilled. Once service is complete, we will file a state of Florida plugging report for future reference a. When you work with A Premier Landscape and Irrigation in Pensacola FL you will have peace of mind knowing that all required legal and technical guidelines have been met to the highest standards possible as you are working with a well-informed and experienced water well company.

Signs of an abandoned well

If you have acquired a property and you are unsure of the location of an old or  unused well you can Check property documents or search  your property for a few signs such as:

  • Pipes sticking out of the ground

  • Small well houses

  • Depression of the property ground

  • Concrete vaults covered with a metal plate or lumber

  • Windmills that are no longer usable

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Play and Enjoy We'll Make Sure Your Well Never Runs Dry!

Pensacola Florida Premier Well Service Company

When you work with our friendly and professional well drillers in Okaloosa County you can rest easy knowing you will receive the best service and prices along the Emerald Coast. With thirty years as a Florida well driller, there's no well we haven't been unable to abandon properly. We even offer well rehabilitation to revive your water well and get it back to quality standards to provide you with the cleanliest drinking water. When you choose us, you can also expect:

  • Fully licensed and insured contractors

  • Quality workmanship and parts

  • Same-day service

  • Convenient scheduling


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