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Sod Installation


Sod Installation Pensacola FL

Whether you are wanting an instantly greener lawn or a fast way to enhance your new landscaping our sod installation in Pensacola FL is your short cut to a beautiful lawn. 

Laying sod is a great way to have the lawn you want without the wait but laying sod is a hassle that requires careful attention to properly handle and install especially if you have a sizable lawn. This is why working with a true landscaping professional who understands our climate and what your sod needs to thrive and look its best is best left to the professionals at A Premier Landscape and Irrigation. When you work with our team you can avoid messy and failed results. We can provide you with Centipede, St. Augustine, and Zoysia that will stand the test of time – and the July heat! 

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When is The Best Time to Lay Sod in Northwest Florida?

Just purchase a new home or moved to the Emerald Coast and want a green lush lawn? Here is our sod installation calendar to achieve the greatest success!

Living in Florida has its advantages including year-round warm temperatures that make it possible to grow lush green grass, a dream for many homeowners. But the sod you choose and the time of year you lay it can make the difference between an attractive lawn and an unattractive patch of grass struggling to survive.


There are three types of grass that work well in our sub-tropical climate due to their ability to handle rain, heat, and sodic soil conditions. High levels of salt stunt the growth of some turf grass, to establish a healthy and beautiful lawn you stand the best with Centipede, St. Augustine, and Zoysia sod. The main difference between these three choices is the richness in color they provide, the lawn maintenance they require, and their different preferred environments.

St Augustine Sod Installation: This fine-textured grass provides homeowners with a blue-green color of color that can thrive in our sunny temperatures yet endure some shade. If you’re looking to install this sod in your back yard the best time to do so is when temperatures are above 80 degrees to ensure proper soil adhesion and root growth.

Centipede: This course and light green grass can withstand drought conditions and less maintenance making that made this the preferred sod installation choice in Pensacola FL. While you can lay centipede year around the best time to have it installed so that it takes root is in spring and early summer. 

Zoysia: If over the last few years, you have noticed a dark green grass begin to pop up in our area that feels like carpet this is Zoysia grass. Only recently have local Florida farmers begin to grow this grass and since then we have been installing this sod all around the Pensacola area. Homeowners love it because it can handle sun, shade, and salt concentration. If you are looking to install this sod in Pensacola FL do so when soil temperatures are 70+

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St Augustine Grass

Centipede Grass

Zoysia Grass

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Benefits of Hiring Our Pensacola Landscaping Team 

Hire Our Team to Install Your Sod

Aside from instant gratification in your newly sodded yard and an increased value in your property if you are looking to sell. Some of the most common benefits for homeowners who choose sod installation in Pensacola FL include: 

No Weeds: Our team only uses quality suppliers, certified in the state of Florida to ensure weeds do not encroach upon your new lawn. 


Establishes Roots Quickly: When we will install and maintain your sod you will have a rapid shallow root system. Most homeowners experience within a month of their turf being installed. 


Physical Labor: Installing sod is time-consuming and labor intensive, even smaller lawns can be overwhelming without the necessary tools that the average homeowner doesn’t own.


Time Consuming: Tackling sod installation takes more time than most homeowners assume the clean-up and storage of materials

A Premiere Landscaping and irrigation offers high-quality work at competitive prices with other landscaping companies in Northwest Florida. Our team also is committed to providing higher-level customer service to make sure you, as a customer, are completely well pleased with the sod installation work you receive. We take pride in our superior work, attention to detail, and top customer satisfaction. 

We strive in showing up on time, providing our customers superior services

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At A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation, we have been offering landscaping and sod installation in Pensacola FL for over 30 years. We are committed to providing high-level services at competitive prices. We take pride in our work and pay attention to every detail so that you are satisfied with the results of your lawn In addition when you choose us for your sod installation, you get:

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  • Premium quality sod & yard prepping

  • Clear pricing, with no surprise!

  • 100% Guarantee

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Have the best yard in your neighborhood with our sod installation in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Fort Walton, or anywhere along with the Emerald CostCall A Premier Landscape and irrigation, at 850-897-1000 for more information about our Northwest Florida and Pensacola Landscaping Services

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We know how vital it is for your irrigation system to work at peak performance so that it covers all areas of your new sod installation in Pensacola FL.  Lear more about our sod installation by clicking here

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