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Tips For Gulf Breeze Homeowners To Create A Low Maintenance Landscape

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Some homeowners are hesitant to create their idea garden, flower bed, or lawn because they are worried that they will not have the time to give their landscaping the TLC is needs to be all. However, there is no need to fret, beautiful landscaping in Gulf Breeze does not have to require a lot of upkeep or hours spent slaving in the heat and humidity if you will follow some simple tips, your desired lawn is within your reach.

Efficient Irrigation

One of the best ways to shave time off of maintaining your landscaping is with having an automated sprinkler system. It can be time consuming not to mention labor intensive to drag a hose around your lawn and time how long you have to water before picking the hoses up and routing them to another feature or area of your yard. Not only will this save you time, but it will prevent over-watering your Gulf Breeze landscaping that can lead to excessive weeds.

One of the things we have discovered with even automated sprinkler systems is without proper zoning you may be watering areas around your lawn that are not intended to be watered, This not only can cause your landscape to struggle but it can water one of our most precious commodities, water. If you have a automated sprinkler system but find yourself in a weed war you may want to call a irrigation company to inspect your system and make any necessary adjustments or repairs so that your system works at its optimal performance. Remember to always water during the coolest parts of the day to ensure your plants and grass stay lush and green all summer long.

Reduce Mowing With Zoysia & Ground Covers

There are a few things you can do if you want to save time mowing your lawn first you can choose a grass like Zoysia that does not need to be mowed as much as other types of grasses because Zoysia does not grow as tall as other grasses or at least not as quickly as say Centipede or Bermuda. A golden rule is wait until the grass is about 1 ½ to 3 inches before mowing.

The second way to reduce your time mowing is to choose a ground cover, there are several that are native to Florida and will flourish in humid and dry conditions and in the sun or shade such as the beach sunflower, railroad vines, and some of our local ferns that are a great addition to your Gulf Breeze landscaping.

Mulch Flower Beds

Want a flower bed worthy of being on the next cover of Better Homes and Gardens without all the work? Then add Hardwood bark mulch that is idea for amending your soil, replacing grass and reduce weeds. Make sure to add mulch in the mid to late spring or if you want a mulch that last for years try rubber mulch. Rubber mulch comes in a variety of colors and looks natural when spread over the top layer of soil. It can also serve a double duty and be used as a ground cover for your Gulf breeze low maintenance landscaping.

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Add Beauty To Any Gulf Breeze Landscaping

Use Ferns and Shrubs

In addition to some of our ferns also consider adding shrubs to your design that are native as they require little maintenance. You may also want to opt for shrubs that do not require as much pruning such as Arborvitae. Pair these shrubs with hardy trees to use around garden gates or at the corners of your home and you will have a beautiful shrub that requires virtually no maintenance.

Perennials: Nothing beats simplifying your lawn work like adding perennials as they return every year, so you don’t spend time having to replant. Some of the best perennials for the Gulf Breeze area are:

Butter Cups: While we tend to think of butters as just being bright yellow, they also come in pink, orange, red, and white through yellow is simply such a cheerful color it’s a great addition to any flower bed and growing them is incredibly simple, they require almost little to no maintenance.

Mexican Heather: Love purple or looking for a great addition to define your walkway or use as a small hedge around a tropical garden then consider this showy bloom that only needs to be deeply watered once a week and pruned when it starts to look a little shaggy.

Periwinkle- another lavender flower that works well in beds and gardens and easy to grow and care for is periwinkles as long as they have sun, air, and drainage.

Herbs: If you’re a novice who’s ready to start a garden then get off to a great start using something that is as easy to grow as it is easy to use rather for cooking or medicinal reasons. With enough sunlight, water, and perhaps a little boost of fertilizer you can have an ample harvest. A few to include are sage, Oregano and


One last tip is your Gulf Breeze landscaping should always include native plants when you want to keep your work to a minimal, and read last weeks blog to make sure you avoid some common mistakes. If you would be intreated in a little help getting started contract our Gulf Breeze landscaping company A Premier Landscape and Irrigation for a free consultation. You can contact us at 850-897-1000 in addition to serving Gulf Breeze we also offer landscaping around Pace, Wright, Pensacola and the entire Emerald Coast area.

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