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The Best Native Plants for Your Wright FL Landscaping?

Native landscaping provides food for birds, conserves water, and fights climate change.

Each morning as the sun rises, I enjoy the dawn chorus of the songbirds outside my window, its as if they know without their good morning trill, I will simply hit the snooze button. When I redid my garden, I added a few native plants that would serve a greater purpose then just simply boosting my curb appeal and I am grateful these songbirds love the black-eyed Susan’s I added to my Wright FL landscaping. This morning as I enjoyed having the males serenade me outside my window, I thought this would make a great first edition to kick off our new weekly blog.

Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Native Plants vs Exotic Plants

Choosing the right plants for your beds and gardens is the first chance to a successful landscape. Choose the wrong plants and you can be fighting a losing battle that has you relying on a local pest and lawn company to supply you with fertilizer and pesticides. With all the wonderful choices of native plants, flowers, shrubs and evergreens our local area has to offer add that to the cost effective, durability, and beauty of native plants, flowers, shrubs and evergreens the Emerald Coast has to offer a it simply makes adding native foliage to your Wright FL landscaping a smart choice but in case your not convinced to go native because you have your eyes set on ghost orchids or dragon blood trees let us share some other benefits derived from native plants .

#1 Native Plants Requires Less Water: Native plants store water and can reduce rain runoff and prevent yards from flooding.

#2 Native Plants Are Low Maintenance: Since these native plants and foliage do not require mowing or being treated with fertilizer and pesticide their far easier upkeep and less costly than exotic plants.

#3 Native Plants Removes Carbon from the air: Native plants can remove excessive carbon reducing our carbon footprint to keep our atmosphere and local community safer

Not to mention that having native plants offer a source of nectar, pollen, and seeds for garden visitors that birds, butterflies, and other animals depend on. When you enhance your landscaping in Wright FL remember its not only for your enjoyment but it’s a habitat for all living things that surround your property and makes the Emerald Coast one of the most beautiful places in the America.

Best Drought Resistant Native Plants for Your Wright FL Landscaping

One of the advantages to drought resistant plants regardless of current conditions is if the plants are harder to reach on your rea these plants are a great addition because they like our soil and don’t require much watering so without further ado here is a list of ten drought tolerate native plants for your landscaping in Wright, Gulf Breeze, and Pace FL.

Our Top Choice is Black Eyed Susan

If you love nature and all the beauty that surrounds it this is a must add for your local landscape design. Black eyed Susan’s are a perennial coneflower bursting in bright yellow flowers with dark black centers that bloom up to 5 inches. Black eyed Susan’s also attract a variety of visitors including songbirds, goldfinch, and insectivorous birds and butterflies. Want a butterfly garden then to make sure to include these cut flowers in your flowerbeds as they make a sturdy platform for butterflies to land on. In fact, since adding black eyed Susan’s to my Wright FL landscaping there are times when almost every flower in my garden has at least one butterfly on its petal. The flowers are a great addition to pollinator gardens and flowerbeds anywhere along Northwest Florida as their indestructible blooms provide low maintenance landscaping in Wright FL.

Tip for choosing black eyed Susan’s: These flowers come as both an annual and a perennial. The annuals are what you will see driving along 30 A and are the type you want to plant if you want these flowers to return however if you do opt for perennials you will want to plant Rudbeckia fulgide.

Coming in a Close Second & My Personal Favorite: Beach Sunflowers
Sign, Seal & Deliver a Fresh Boutique of Flowers

What coastal free-spirited girl cannot appreciate the beautiful and simplistic of walking out to their mailbox to be greeted with these bright yellow flowers beach sunflower properly known as Helianthus Debilis. Beach sunflowers are perfect for your hot, dry, coastal Wright FL landscaping project as they are both beautiful and drought resistance which makes these blooms low maintenance. If you are looking to add a flower along the border of your garden borders, edging, mass planting or even want some flowers to cascade down a pergola or gazebo then look no further than Beach sunflowers for your landscaping in Wright FL, then add these flowers that will grow low to the ground and spread out evenly across your planter. If we do have frost this winter and your beach sunflowers look a little drab just tell your lawn care guy to mow over the area and then wait for new sprouts to come up when the weather warms up in March.

Who Cant Appreciate You When You Grow Them Lantana Flowers
Pace FL Landscaping

Aside from their natural beauty that requires little care; lantana nectar is a great way to attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your Wright, Gulf Breeze or Pace Landscaping. Lantana Flowers are a verbena like flower meaning they symbolize romance and fond memories that can lift your mood and since they have a long bloom time and come in a variety of colors they make a great addition to any landscaping project. If you choose to not hire a landscaping company in Wright FL who can guide your project and do want to add Lantana to your project, then either choose an area on your property where there is plenty of sunlight and the soil is well drained. Lantana flowers can work in almost any type of soil, but they truly thrive best in soil that is acidic, if you need to increase the acidic of the soil you may also choose to add pine needles or mulching. At A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation in addition to planting flower beds and landscaping we also offer mulching services making us your one stop resource for all your landscaping needs in Wright FL and throughout the Emerald Coast.

Don't Forget Purple Care with Ruellia Brittoniana a Local Landscaping Favorite

Another great Emerald Coast perennial is Ruellia Brittoniana also nicknamed “purple shows” thought they come in pink and white most people prefer these purple sterile plants that can grow almost anywhere with little water or fertilizer required. These plants remain green year around when not in bloom and make a great addition if you want to hide a certain unattracted feature in your yard like a lawn sprinkler, French drain, or your swimming pool unit. If you are a DIY landscaping in Wright FL then plant these bushels where they can receive the most sun, the more sunlight they have the more flowers you get. Purple showers much like Lantana flowers prefer acidic soil and are able to survive floods and drought temperatures making these flowers a must have.

#5; Last but Not Least Morning Glory

There are so many native flowers you can add but we would be amiss to leave Ipomoea Purpurea nicknamed “morning glory” our top 5 must have drought resistance, low maintenance landscaping list for Wright FL homeowners. Morning glory flowers are annuals that come in a variety of colors and bloom most often during the spring and summer months in our area. These flowers thrive best under full sunlight and do not need to be reseeded to return every year to your garden or flower bed. While you may notice them growing along route 3A because they can bloom despite horrible roadside soil conditions if you want them to look their best then well drained soil is great for Morning glory flowers. If you are looking to add some lovely flowers around the perimeter of your fence or garden edge these flowers are the idea choice to incorporate into your Wright FL landscaping design.

Ready to go native? Enjoy birds, butterflies, & a beauty landscape in Wright FL
For Help with your native landscape in Wright FL Call Us!

With all these reasons and choices if your feeling inspired to start a new landscaping but lack the time or simply would rather enjoy the beauty of a native landscape without the hassle of the work and want some help give A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation a call to get your project started. With over 30 years experience and native Floridians they understand the climate, weather, and what works best to make your curb appeal a true living work of art. At A Premier they offer full service from designing your landscape to offering advice on plant selection and can install everything so that all you have to do is enjoy brining nature home to your backyard. In addition to offering service in Wright they also offer landscaping services in Pace, Pensacola, Gulf Breeze and Wright FL and there is no cost to schedule a consultation so contact them today at 850-897-1000

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