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The Quest for A Perfect Lawn in Pensacola FL

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Zoysia Sod Installation in Pensacola FL

From the front curb of your lawn to your back fence, your lawn echoes your commitment to this investment and makes a statement. Whether you recently moved into a new home with a less than stellar lawn or you had a home built on bare soil, this is a great starting point.

However, we want to prepare you this quest for the perfect lawn will not happen without turf wars and Pensacola has far more enemies to combat then perhaps anywhere else in the entire county.

Achieving a Healthy Lawn in Pensacola FL

When you own a home along the Emerald Coast of Florida then you know part of the pride of being a homeowner is the breathtaking views of glorious sunsets, crystal blue waters, and sugar white sand but the views should not start and end at the beach. Shouldn’t you love your lawn?

The deep green expanse of grass of a healthy lawn adds beauty and value to your home but in our area this doesn’t come easy because one of the archenemies to a lush lawn is sandy soil conditions. The same large particles that we all love to walk along barefoot at the beach dry out quickly and robs your lawn of the precious nutrients your soil depends on. This is why we recommend before installing sod on your Pensacola property to have the soil tested once a year to catch nutrient deficiencies before they progress. Another issues Pensacola homeowners must wage war with to protect their lawn is weeds.

Common Weeds Along The Emerald Coast

The peskiest and hated aspect of any lawn, garden, or flower bed is weeds because they thrive where we wish them not to be and killing them can seem almost seem impossible. What makes a weed a weed is they produce a lot of seeds, sometimes thousands per plant and they seem to pop up from out of nowhere. Unlike our beloved flowers and plants, these weeds do not struggle to survive or thrive spreading across your lawn effortlessly. In Florida here is a sample list of some common weeds you want to eliminate quickly!

Crabgrass: Any weed that resembles a crab needs to stay out of your lawn and on the beach! If you see a weed low to the ground containing stems that resemble a crab legs this is one of the meanest enemies your lawn will ever have to face. Do the battle for your lawn by mowing at the proper height. When your lawn is healthy, thick, and mowed at the right height this prevents crab grass from germinating. Another way is with installing the right irrigation or sprinkler system for your Pensacola home. With shallow and frequent watering which is generally the cause of not relying on an automated sprinkler system your grass is more likely to suffer which is easier to do in with the Emerald Coast dog days of summer and can leave bare or patchy areas in your lawn that crabgrass take full advantage of. If you moved into a home with patches, then hire a landscaper who can install sod for your Pensacola lawn.

Chickweed: Unless you have a yard full of chickens to feed forbid chickweeds to overtake your lawn, this herb sprouts most often during the late fall and winter months but much like crab weeds can be combatted by properly watering your lawn with an automated sprinkler system. If you inadequately water your lawn, it will not take long before chickpea ruins your sod installation in Pensacola FL.

Nutsedge: One of the weeds that will choke out a healthy lawn quicker than other type of weeds is nutsedge. If your garden is looking shabby and your lawn is deteriorating the culprit could be nutsedge weeds. There is no organic way other than pulling these weeds out by hand however pulling weeds by hand will also weaken your plants leading them to kill your Pensacola landscaping, so we recommend a herbicide treatment to control these unruly, unwelcomed weeds in your flower beds and vegetable gardens.

General rule of thumb: When your lawn, beds, or garden, has less than 40% of crab grass or weeds it will take work, but it is still possible to improve the lawn and landscaping in Pensacola. However, if 40% or more of your lawn is unhealthy due to weeds, has brown or unhealthy grass and or patchy areas in your yard you need a landscaping and lawn makeover.

Seed Vs Sod Installation in Pensacola FL

If you are starting over and need to add new grass to your lawn, then you have two choices. The choice between seeding vs installing sod depending on the type of homeowner you are. Ask yourself if you want to take the quick and easiest route or do you have time, patience, and a green thumb?

Benefits of Seeding

When it comes to choosing your grass, do you have a seedy disposition? If you are a do it yourselfer who enjoys caring for your lawn and landscaping in Pensacola then save yourself some money by seeding your lawn. Even if you choose to have someone install seed it will save you around 137% as seeds are around a quarter per square foot depending on the type of grass you choose where sod runs $1.30. Two things to keep in mind if you choose to seed your lawn is your going to have bare and unattractive patches for about 1.5 years and the second thing is during this time you need to constantly water a newly seeded lawn so save yourself the hassle of manual watering and invest in an automated sprinkler system.

An irrigation system that is properly programmed to accommodate the new seeds will give you a better chance of not having the seeds wash away. While seeding can often produce better grass bear in mind this does not happen overnight but over years of time, work, and effort. If you prefer a low maintenance, overnight green lawn then you need to hire someone to install sod on your Pensacola FL property.

Benefits of Sod Installation for Pensacola FL Homeowners

Whoever said “success doesn’t happen overnight was not referring to sod. When you have sod installed on your Pensacola property your lawn will look finished instantly. While it may appear this way for the best chance of your sod succeed you want to wait at least two or three weeks for the roots to establish before allowing family, guest, and pets to enjoy your new plush green grass. Another benefit to sod installation is since Florida farmers grow the sod for you generally as long as temperatures are above 80 degrees you can have sod installed on your Pensacola property though the best time to lay sod is during spring or early summer. Sod also requires less watering than seeds. During the first few weeks after having your sod installed you want to program your irrigation system o water it twice a day but once it has taken root then you can water 1.2 inch up to 3 times a week.

Different types of sod that works best for Emerald Coast homeowners

While there are many seed options to choose from and it may seem sod is more limited this is because not all types of grass grow well with our sandy soil, weeds, and in our climate. The best choices for turf grass along the Emerald Coast are Centipede, Zoysia, St Augustine, Bahia, Bermuda. Each type of grass has unique qualities so choosing the best sod to install for your Pensacola FL property is a left to your personal choice. Our personal favorites Zoysia

Benefits of Zoysia Sod Installation in Pensacola FL

Density: One of the reasons Zoysia is the preferred sod to install in Pensacola FL is because this grass forms a very dense carpet of grass beneath your feet that allows it to combat weeds.

Shade Tolerant: Unlike some of the sun loving sod you can install in Pensacola FL that must reach for sunlight in shaded areas. Zoysia sod loves the sun but is able to tolerate the shade making it less susceptible to pest and disease and lower maintenance than many of the other grasses that grow along the Emerald Coast.

Drought Resistant: During short drought periods this grass maintains its light to medium green color that makes this grass so attractive. If the drought season extends here in Pensacola, then it will lay dormant until watered again. Once watered it quickly bounces back to its original color.

Right Place – Right Sod for your Pensacola FL Home

When you are choosing sod installation in Pensacola FL you want to lay the right sod, or this can become a costly lesson to learn. Keep in mind that you do not want to go against Mother Nature so choose the sod that is right for your soil type, sun exposure and irrigation needs. The best way to choose the right sod to install for your Pensacola home or property is to consult with a professional landscaper who has the experience to test your soil conditions, inspect your lawn health while looking for diseases and pest, and provide you with a realist idea of what it will cost to install sod for your Pensacola home and create you a plan for maintaining it. If you want to set the course for a beautiful lawn in Pensacola, Wright FL, Pace FL , or anywhere along the Emerald Coast visit A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation online or give them a call at 850-897-1000

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