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Common HOA Landscaping Rules in Gulf Breeze

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Before Planting Know The Rules

If you are a homeowner in Gulf Breeze chances, are you in a community where there are rules and guidelines, some of which make sense and other rules that make you scratch your head and wonder why? If you are a board member of a homeowner’s association (HOA) chances are landscaping questions are asked frequently by residents such as what trees or plants are allowed? Who is responsible for mowing the yard? or they may want to know about the irrigation system at the club house or other common areas. While you may have a website or handout that list all these rules many not everyone has the time to read them. At A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation, we have crews who commonly take care of HOAs to beautify the community so we thought we may help clear up some of the confusion surrounding landscaping in Gulf Breeze and provide some ways that an HOA can leave a great first impression.

Gulf Breeze Landscape: Who is Responsible?

Many of the Emerald Coast communities are managed by a homeowner’s association (HOA) that have bylaws for their residents they may also be called conditions or restrictions that homeowners and tenants must adhere to and since we may not like the rules to give the HOA board some teeth these rules come with fines if the resident of the community does not follow them. These rules may include landscaping, water wells, trees, and irrigation or sprinkler system. When you choose a landscaper in Gulf Breeze its important the company you choose is familiarized with the rules so that you do not end up with a landscape design being installed that is not in compliance and your forced to dig up and replant or remove entirely.

Why Gulf Breeze HOA have Landscape Requirements?

Every homeowner’s association in Santa Rosa County has a different set of rules and policies for their residents to adhere to but nearly all associations have architecture or home improvement requirements. This does not have to be detailed such as an HOA that does not allow homeowners to plant, while this may sound ridiculous think of the passionate flower child who wants 20 hydrangeas or it could be as simple as Hidden Shores or Tiger Point Village located in Gulf Shores that requires landscaping be diligent, properly, and neatly maintained. Other communities such as Woodland Heights has irrigation requirements that impact the way your sprinkler heads patterns are allowed to distribute water. They also want any stains from water wells to be removed off sidewalks and driveways because the purpose of landscaping requirements and bylaws is to keep the community attractive believe it or not every HOA rule in Gulf Breeze has a purpose and generally its to keep up the resale value of the homes within the neighborhood. If you were to drive by an area without the guidance of a homeowner’s association you will be quick to notice the difference. One thing you do want to keep in mind is your trees have rights. While a homeowner association may advise chopping down a tree you want to first check Santa Rosa and Gulf Breeze ordinances before you do.


Many residents may be frustrated having to follow the rules of their community, but HOA have rues as well. Some of these rules are legal such as an association can does not override Florida law because there is an order of priority. If there is common areas such as a club house, pool, park or gazebo they outlines what landscaping is allowed in these areas and if they do not uphold their part there are things the neighborhood can do but the vast majority of HOA follow the rules they set and do their absolute best to make the community look its best for their residents old and new as well as their residents guest. If you are a HOA within Gulf Breeze who has recently noticed that your landscaping is not making the statement it once did let us provide a few helpful landscaping tips for Gulf Breeze commercial property owners and management companies.

Give Your Gulf Breeze Property a Great First Impression

As you drive into the neighborhood have you really considered what the neighborhood landscape is saying about you as a property manager or as a board member? Would your landscape design make you want to live in the area? How does it look compared to the other associations within a 5-mile radius? Its no secret that Gulf Breeze is a competitive market for commercial properties throughout Northwest Florida. One of the ways to make your community more appealing is with a great landscape design and routine care. Here are a few simple and inexpensive ways you can spruce up your community.

Add Flowers to Your Monumental Signage

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Coreopsis FL Official Wildflower

One of the first things anyone who comes into your neighborhood sees is the monumental sign that proudly displays the name of the community. While you may have a long-lasting sign made of brick or stone why not go a step further. One way to enhance the sign at the entrance to your neighborhood is to remove dull or dying plants and replace them with bold pops of color that turn heads towards your neighborhood. One of our favorite followers that works well in any neighborhood is Coreopsis as this happens to be Florida’s official state flower. These cheerful flowers are a great way to welcome residents and guest to the neighborhood. These flowers also come in a variety of colors from yellow and gold to orange, red and even pink. Another perk to adding Coreopsis flowers is they can be enjoyed for most of the year and thrive in beds or bust at the border of your signage. Other flowers worth mentioning are:

  • Penta’s

  • Evolvulus

  • Gerbera

  • Blue Salvia

  • Purslane

  • Lavender

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

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Gulf Breeze Outdoor Lighting

Since many Gulf Breeze residents have a commute to work, they may not make it home before the sun goes down so why not add some outdoor lighting to your Gulf Breeze landscaping to increase safety. These lights are low voltage and last for years, so they make a great addition to your welcome monument. You may also want to add some outdoor lighting around the club house and community pool. Each type of light requires a different voltage and lumens. One of the perks of hiring a professional landscaping company in Gulf Breeze to add outdoor lighting is they can make sure that your lights are set on automated timers, so you never have to fuss with turning them on or off.

Landscaping Maintenance is a Must

Just as homeowners in your community are required to upkeep their landscaping and lawns the same rues often apply or at least they should. While it maybe easy for shrubs and trees to get out f hand hire a reliable Gulf Breeze landscaper who can prune the trees and shrubs on a routine basis to avoid having your community look dull or ran down. Having your property stay in tip-top shape will make a significant difference to your residents and in the community.

Looking for a Gulf Breeze Landscape Design or Installation

Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial property owner the more distinctive you can make your property the more your property value will increase, A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation offers full service landscaping, sprinkler system, outdoor lighting and water well services to residential and commercial property owners throughout the Emerald Coast including Gulf Breeze, Pace and Pensacola Florida and will give your property the edge it needs to boost your curb appeal and make a positive impact in your neighborhood. We offer complimentary consultations and free estimates. Give us a call at 850-897-1000 or visit us online.

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