• david hinesley

Incorporate Christmas Lighting into Your Landscaping

The months fly by so while it maybe a little early to discuss holiday lighting for some we wanted to provide a few great ideas of ow to add Christmas lights to your landscaping that will delight your neighborhood this season and make your home look merry and bright without too much work. The first key is to consider your landscaping, Look at your pathway, trees and bushes that are already enhancing your lawn and choose which features you want to incorporate your Christmas lights into. Your landscape has three tiers. The first tier is on the ground where you walk, this is called the horizontal layer. The next level is shrubs, bushes, and small trees. The last level is heights think of your tallest trees Here is how to change subtle things in each level by adding holiday lights. One tip is before installing any lights to locate your electrical outlet.

First Level: If you’re planning to have any visitors during the holidays simply add garden stakes along the walkway and add C9 Christmas bulbs that are LED holiday lights. Not only will it dress up your home but will make the walkways safer.

Next add items such as wreaths or trim your roofline in Christmas lights then add to it every year. Another popular addition to your outdoor lighting is accents such as white sting lights along the fence where your vines are growing. These can be kept up all year long to add to a festive décor. When they need to be replaced LED lights can be unscrewed and changed out as needed. If you want to leave all the decorating to s during the holidays, click here.

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