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Are you struggling with your landscaping? Tips Gulf Breeze Homeowners don't want to miss!

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Gulf Breeze Low Maintenance Landscaping

At the peak of summer your Gulf Breeze landscape can struggle if you plant the wrong type of plants and as we know living in the Emerald Coast the weather is unpredictable. Muggy and hot one day and the next day you need an umbrella. However, with these plants they can handle just about any weather so you can keep planting regardless of what the rainfall may or may not be.

Lavender: Women if you haven’t been able to plan a trip to the spa at least pamper yourself with the smells from this flourishing flower. One of the great things about lavender is it doesn’t require much watering and comes from the Mediterranean, so our dry, sandy soil is no issue. However, some lavender is better to incorporate into your Gulf Breeze landscaping deign such as Phenomenal Lavender and the ever-exotic looking Lavendulan canaries which is idea for flower beds or as a potted plant on a sunny terrace. One of the things you do want to be made aware of is that high humidity can lead to your Lavender having fungal diseases, to prevent this make sure that it receives at least six to eight hours of sunlight and that it has proper drainage. Do not add mulch around Lavender unless you add crushed rocks to allow airflow. Another good way to prevent fungal disease is once a year move the plant to a different container or area of your flower bed to reduce buildup.

Trumpet Vine: This beautiful orange and ref flower that are the shape of a trumpet hence their name is another great addition to your Gulf Breeze landscape or garden especially if you are looking for a flower to attract hummingbirds. This is an aggressive vine that can grow as tall as thirty or forty feet reaching into trees for more sunlight, or they can be trained for your Gulf Breeze landscape trellis or fences but need to be trimmed. Since these vines can remove paint should they stick to them you want to keep them away from your home. These vines will die in the winter be reemerge come spring as the stem starts under the soil.

Geraniums: This is a must for any landscape in Gulf Breeze, Pace, or Pensacola because these flowers live forever, well maybe not a lifetime but at least for decades and come in a variety of colors to keep your property bursting with bright and cheerful colors even during drought conditions. One tip is while you will see special fertilizer for this flower, its unnecessary this is more of a gimmick than a necessity as Geraniums only see a light amount of fertilizer and if you overfertilize the foliage will flourish at the expense of the bloom. Instead during the growing season take just two two tbsp. of a water soluble 20-20-20 and stir into one gallon of water and add once a month, When it comes to watering do not wait for the soil to dry and turn brittle instead add an irrigation furrow to serve as a reservoir for the most beautiful blooms.

If you are looking for herbs and succulents to add to your Gulf Breeze landscape that are drought tolerant here are our top three:

Create a Drought Resistant Herb Garden in Gulf Breeze Your Sure to Enjoy

Oregano: A must have for every Italian dish and culinary cook. If you want to plant outside do so in March but allow it to reach four inches before giving it a light trim to make the bush denser but if you regularly trim it this can cause the oregano not to branch again. If you want an indoor herb garden the best time to grow Oregano is December.

Thyme: Another culinary treat but also used for medical purposes due to its antiseptic properties. Thyme loves the Florida sunshine and heat but need the soil to be well drained and will flower in spring and summer, but leave can be harvested in wintertime depending on the variety you choose to plant.

Aloe Vera: A promising herb we all love for those sunburns or to sooth tooth pain that thankfully lives in hot, dry climates. If this plant is allowed to sit in water, it will die so if it lives outdoors water once a week when there is no rain and if you are growing it indoors then wait until the soil is totally dry before watering it. Want a great recipe to create an Aloe Vera juice packed with nutrients? Check out Yummy Momma Kitchen

Sage: The easiest herb to grow that keeps thriving in spite of Pace weather is sage. It makes the idea backdrop to a herb garden to fill in gaps since the herb grows large and thick enough to cover area where your not sure what to plant plus it provides burst of colors that are sure to make you smile.

Create a Drought Resistant Trophy Lawn with Zoysia Sod Installation

If you are like most Floridians your turf is the most used area of your Gulf Breeze landscape, especially if you have kids or dogs. If you want a turf that’s plush, green, and enjoyable then install Zoysia sod. This turf grass prefers full sun but can also tolerate shade and the best part is when you install Zoysia sod it does not need to be mowed as frequently as Centipede or St Augustine sod.

Learn More About Flowers, herb gardens, and Zoysia sod installation for your Gulf Breeze landscaping by contacting A Premier Landscape and Design we specialize in low maintenance, drought resistant landscaping designs in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze and Pace FL. Interested in adding landscape lighting ? We have you covered! Better yet our services are affordable, and our staff is licensed and trained with over 30 years in business. Contact us today for a free consultation or visit us online.

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