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Fort Walton Newest Landscape Design

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Fort Walton Landscape Design and Installation

Today we wanted to share this week’s landscape project in Fort Walton that is simple yet beautiful, here is what we chose in addition to installing Zoysia Sod.

· Blue Flax

· Pink Muley Grass

· Variegated Ginger

· White Crepe Myrtle Tree

What is Dianella Tasmanica?

Dianella more commonly known as Blue Flax lily is a small grass like plant that originated in Australia but grows well here in our sub-tropical climate because it can adapt to our sandy soil and can thrive in full sun or shade. During Fort Walton prolonged droughts blue flax lily will benefit from an automated irrigation system but once established moderate droughts are no worry for this plant. The Blue Flax lily produces sweet and juicy dark blue or purple berries that you want to try in your next fruit salad. However, if you have pets proceed with caution as they are poisonous for dogs and cats. Most homeowners use Blue Flax Lilies around porches, deck, and patios but they are a great addiction to wildflower or cottage gardens in Fort Walton.

What You Should Know about Pink Muhly Grass

Be prepared for women to stop from late summer to fall to inquire about the unique pink grass on your lawn called Pink Muhly. This is a perennial sedge like plant that will grow approximately two feet tall and with their pink plumes makes a beautiful addition to your Fort Walton landscape. One of the reasons they are often requested amongst our customers besides their look is these plants are fast to grow and low to maintain. Pink Muhly will grow precisely where it is plant so if you have other plants nearby this will not be an issue. We do recommend that you trim your plant at the onset of spring to keep it looking its best and give it a small amount of food and you are sure to have a showstopper.

Plant Variegated Shell Ginger For Teatime or Anytime

Alpinia Zerumbet more commonly referred to as Variegated shell ginger is known for its beautiful flowers and foliage. This plant grows in upright clumps that have dark green leaves up to two feet long that look and smell like culinary ginger – can anyone say teatime. Here is a great ginger tea recipe that if you plant Variegated you should try.

However, if ginger tea is not appealing no need to worry as these plants do more than make a great addition to tea they make a striking specimen for a beautiful backdrop to other flower when planted in the ground or you can also use Variegated for houseplants to enhance the tropical effect of your Emerald Coast home. If you decide to plant them in the ground as our Fort Walton landscape customer chose to do, they grow great in full sun to partial shade.

A Great Addition to Fort Walton Landscaping Crepe Myrtle Trees

One reason Fort Walton landscape customers love crape myrtles is they bloom in summer when most other trees do not. These trees are sun goddesses and drought resistant through you will want to water deeply at least once or twice every week during the summer and in winter you want to prune your crape myrtle trees and if you recently planted a tree then its vital during the early years of your trees life you prune them to establish their shape or hire a Fort Walton landscape company. The biggest threat to your beautiful Crepe Myrtle is insects and powdery mildew but if you have your tree planted in the right location and keep it at the proper size you will decrease your risk. If you happen to have a pest infestation its best to google “landscaping company near me” or call A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation.

Create an Award-Winning Lawn With Zoysia Sod Installation in Pensacola and Fort Walton

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Zoysia Sod Installation

If you want your Fort Walton lawn to look and feel amazing in hours, then you need Zoysia sod installation. It is a warm season grass that can tolerate full sun or shade because it produces stolons and rhizomes enabling the grass to survive in times of droughts and heat. If there is a freeze in the winter this grass will lay dormant and turn to a straw like brown, but this does not mean it has dead because as soon as springtime arrives it will bounce right back to its lush green color. Another benefit to Zoysia sod installation in Pensacola is the grasses’ ability to choke out weeds including crab grass and adapts to the sandy soil conditions we have here along the coast. Another perk for customers who choose Zoysia Sod Installation in Pensacola is this grass reduces mowing because it grows tall very slowly and you never need to replace the grass heals itself. Unlike other sod you can install in Pensacola since zoysia has lateral growth if the grass becomes damaged it can recover.

Looking for Landscaping or Lawn Care in Fort Walton Beach?

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Fort Walton #1 Landscaping Company

For authentic service you can rely on contact A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation. We have only one goal and that is to provide our clients the best services possible from landscaping design and installation to automated sprinkler system installation and irrigation even water well services that will enhance your outdoor living space, rather that is for a residential home or a commercial property our landscape company in Fort Walton does it all with only a simple call to 850-897-1000 or visit us online to learn more about any of our core services.

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