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Considering Outdoor Lighting For Your Pensacola FL Home?

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Landscape Lighting Design in Pensacola FL

Have you considered installing outdoor lighting, but you are unsure of whether it is worth your investment? Professionally installed outdoor lighting does have an upfront cost but today we will share the reasons we believe low voltage landscape lighting is one of the most sought out and functional upgrades you can invest in for your Pensacola FL home in case you need some convincing.

Outdoor Lighting Provides Your Home and Family with Security

A burglary occurs every 22.6 seconds and when intruders target homes they often look for homes that are not well lite. When you add outdoor lighting there is not many places for a burglar to hide. The best lights to add to detour criminal activity is motion sensor lights that are bright and will illuminate exterior doors for when a sudden light comes on be it a flood lights, landscape light or outdoor security light it alerts homeowners nearby. Its also recommended by local authorities to couple your outdoor lighting with security cameras. Another way that landscape lighting protects your Pensacola property is preventing slip and fall accidents. Adding a low intensity landscape light to pathways and walkways or around swimming pools and sloped areas on your property where safety hazards are an issue will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will enhance safety for those coming home when there is less daylight hours or guest who are coming over for a dinner party and maybe unfamiliar with the layout of your yard. Outdoor lighting can be as simple or extreme as you desire abut either way is effective for increasing security making landscape lighting a worthy investment for Pensacola residents.

Landscape Lighting Increase The Visual Appeal of Your Pensacola Property

Many homeowners can feel the addition of lights is a little too costly and not a worthwhile investment until the first night when all the outdoor lights come on and they wonder why they waited so long. LED lights are a great compliment to your landscape design adding directional lighting to your southern live oak enhancing its beauty or to the architecture of your home as it reveals its texture and design. In fact, according to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) a well-planned landscape lighting design can increase your Pensacola property value by as much as 20% and over 40 percent of house hunters seeking to buy a home along the Emerald Coast listed outdoor lighting as an essential feature. At A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation, we offer the most reliable, durable, and long-lasting low voltage LED lights on the Florida market. Our outdoor lighting fixtures are handcrafted in the United States and have been since 1959 and are backed with a lifetime structural warranty. Not only are these lights a great way to enhance residential properties in Pensacola, but they increase the appeal for hotels, country clubs, event venues, and restaurants so that your guest feel safe and invited to return.

Landscape Lights Extend Your Living Space Beyond The Four Walls of Your Pensacola Home

When the Emerald Coast days become shorter instead of retreating inside enjoy the cooler temperatures, we have all been waiting for. By adding outdoor lighting, you can enjoy your property inside and outside. According to Realtor Magazine many homeowners have discovered the outdoor space to be an important extension of their home from something as simple as a relaxing evening curled up with a good book to creating an outdoor room that allows them the ability to prepare and cook their favorite dishes. Landscape lighting not only makes this possible by extends the hours you can spend in your outdoor living space but makes it safe to do so.

How To Maximize The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

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Types of Outdoor Lights Available

There are many benefits to adding pathway lights, step lights, sting light or garden lighting to your Pensacola property however, for all of these benefits to be maximized requires more than mere lighting. To make the most of your low voltage lights you also need a lighting professional who has the experience to know how to use lights to create an outdoor lighting scheme. We can not tell you how many homeowners have contacted us frustrated with the company they hired and would rather rip out a lighting system them turn them on. While we are not the cheapest route if you want quality fixtures and lights that will add ambiance and showcase your property while increasing your homes value and your outdoor fun fire a landscape lighting professional in Pensacola who will provide you with a top-of-the-line lighting system that last for years.

Here is a sneak peak at next weeks guide to outdoor lighting in Pensacola:

· What is your lighting style?

· How to choose the right lighting fixtures

· Find a balance between security lights and lights to enhance your property beauty.

Request a Free Outdoor Lighting Consultation in Pensacola

At A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation, we are your complete source for outdoor lighting design and landscaping design and installation. It is our passion to bring a touch of the beautiful native scenery that surrounds the Emerald Coast into your backyard oasis and allow that beauty to shine night and day. For over 30 years. Our award-winning team of landscapers have strived to provide homes and businesses the best outdoor lighting experience you can find along the Emerald Coast highway from Pensacola to Panama City beach and beyond.

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