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4 Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid

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Pace Florida Landscape Key To Success-Planning

The warmest month has arrived yet there is something about the Florida sunshine, lush green grass, beautiful plants, and the sweet-smelling fragrances of flowers that makes spending time outdoors worthwhile. These are just a few of the benefits a great landscape can provide Pace homeowners. However, before you decide to enhance your landscaping by adding greenery or flowers to your property you want to make sure you avoid these common pitfalls.

Mistake #1- Choosing the Wrong Turf for your property

Many homeowners make the faulty assumption that if the grass is growing then the sod in their yard is acceptable, but sod must be selected according to our climate. In the coldest parts of our country, cool-season grasses such as bluegrass or fescue grass are optional however in Pace if you were to take this grass and transplant it to our climate it may grow but only with adequate shading. Whereas Zoysia or Bermuda are ideal for our area and will give you a lawn worth investing in.

However, one mistake that happens with sod installation is the word “instant.” Much like my Dad once said, “Nothing is ever free” and the same can be said for sod in spite of what you may have heard. Whether you choose a landscape company in Pace or lay your own zoysia sod you want to remove any dead grass, clumps of mud, and debris such as rocks and twig prior to installing sod so that you create a solid foundation. In addition, you must make sure that you water your sod, so the roots establish correctly.

If you are installing Zoysia sod, then the professionals recommend watering once in the morning and once in the early evening every day until the new roots are secured to the soil which takes about 14 to 21 days. After this time frame, you can water your Zoysia sod on an as-needed basis depending upon the weather and your particular property. If you are installing Bermuda sod, then once the sod is laid you want to immediately add an inch of water and each day make sure the top inch of the soil remains moist. On days 3-9, you want to add a 1/4th inch of water to your Bermuda sod and then switch it up to where the turf one gets a half-inch of water every fifth day for ten days. A lot can go wrong if the roots are not established properly so it may be worth the investment to hire a pro.

Mistake #2- Not Spreading Plants Out

If you’re like most homeowners in Pace your landscaping space is sufficient enough that plants can have room to breathe, so why are so many lawns in our area overstuffed? Improper planning. If there are certain aesthetics features, you want your landscaping to highlight it works best if you have a well-crafted landscaping plan. Do yourself and your property a favor and be certain to read the little tags that come on the plants your choosing as these instructions can save you both time and money, pay particularly close attention to learn how large you can expect your new plant to grow when it reaches its mature so that you allow plenty of room. Another tip is to choose a singular focal point for your lawn and add a plant that will look good year around such as Hibiscus.

Nothing makes a landscape look more tropical than these beautiful plants that bloom year-round in a variety of colors including red, yellow, purple, or if you can’t choose just one color of Hibiscus to plant then add a multicolor bloom. Other great year-round blooms include Lantana and blanket flowers. Whatever plant you choose for your Pace property make sure to not plant it too deeply. One of the fastest ways to end the life of any plant or even a tree is to choke the plant to death because there is too much fertilizer for the plant to breathe.

In addition to not spacing out plants or flowers, many homeowners overwhelm their landscaping with lawn decor. We love all the cute and whimsical statements that make our lawn look unique but too many lawn ornaments can detract from the natural beauty of your landscape. Before you set anything on your lawn ask yourself “what’s the purpose” and leave out anything that does not have a purpose or does not compliment your overall design.

Mistake #3 Irritational Irrigation

Another common mistake is over-watering your landscaping. Pace weather can be fickle, one day were basking in the warmth of sunshine the next were dodging rain and your landscaping must survive in plenty and in want. The best way to help is by having an automatic sprinkler system that will prevent over-watering. Most sprinkler systems have a rain gauge that detects the level of rainfall and if enough rain has fallen it will skip a cycle which not only saves your money but prevents overwatering. When plants are overwatered, it limited their oxygen supply and as a result, your plants are unable to breath and your landscape detracts from the overall appeal of your home.

#4 Failing to add landscape lighting

When you are designing your plans it’s a good idea to think of how it will look not only year-round but around the clock. One way to bring your landscaping alive is to add outdoor lighting. If you are working on a minimal budget, you can always add this later and for now, add some inexpensive solar lights that you can pick up for under $20.00 at your local hardware store. One of the benefits of using solar lighting is they do not require electricity so you can place your lights anywhere along with your property that receives enough sunlight in the day to keep them singing at night.

How To Plan Out Your New Pace Landscaping

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Native Florida Plants-Hibiscus

Since we have covered some of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when deciding to add landscaping let's discuss a few tips for success.

Before heading to the local nursery, you want to decide on a color scheme and a budget. The best way to choose a color pallet is to find colors that compliment your home and avoid overpowering your garden or beds by adding too much color. Use one dominant color and then repeat colors into your garden and beds to avoid having your landscape clash. Unity is a key to a great lawn.

Another key to a beautiful lawn is to go native, when you make a trip into a nursery it's easy to choose plants and shrubs based upon their beauty and scent. but you must consider the time you have to invest in upkeep. If you want low maintenance, choose from native plants that will thrive in our sandy soil, requires less water and fertilizing, and can deal with drought conditions. We live in an area where we are fortunate to have over 2800 native plant species not including vertebrates and invertebrates to choose from.

Keys To A Successful Lawn

The biggest key to a successful aware winning lawn that you, your family, and neighbors will enjoy is proper planning.

Choose Plants Wisely: Do a little homework and choose a theme for your garden or beds. List out which plants and flowers you want to use and where they are going to go so that you avoid impulse buying. Unlike other items you can return, this isn’t the case so if you want to have a harmonious design stick to your plan.

Budget: part of that plan is knowing your budget and sticking to it. Many homeowners are unpleasantly surprised when they get to the cash register to discover a few little plants may cost a whole lot of cash. Landscaping is one of the costliest home improvement projects to tackle so having a plan and a budget in place is a necessity. Remember however that no plan ever goes exactly as planned so if you want the job done right the first time it may be a wise idea to hire or at least consult with a landscaping professional in Pace who can address your concern, offer suggestions, and make sure your plan is ideal for your property, so you reap the rewards.

Looking for a Landscaping Professional in Pace?

Planning and designing a new landscape can be challenging especially if you lack time, the right tools, or you’re trying to stick to a budget. There is a high probability that your plans will not go accordingly, that you won’t know what plants and flowers to add, or that you will waste money overdoing it. This is just one of the benefits of hiring a professional.

At A Premier and Landscaping of Pace, we also save homeowners money as we work directly with the best suppliers in our area so we can provide our clients the best materials at a lower cost. Hiring a local landscaper will also ensure that less goes wrong and while it may seem more of an upfront expense in the long run it will help to save you from unforeseen costs and repairs due to killing plants, In addition, you have all the benefits of a landscape without any of the work. Visit our team online or give us a call at 850-897-1000 for a free quote or to ask us any questions. We are happy to help!

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