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11 Ways to Create a Low-Maintenance Landscape in Pace FL

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Native Flower To Pace

When it comes to landscaping the hot and humid weather, sandy soil, and often drought like conditions can be too harsh for plants, flowers, and grass but there is hope. Even with the unique challenges we face, creating and maintaining a beautiful landscape does not have to be difficult. If caring for your Pace landscaping, has you frustrated, we may be able to help with twelve low maintenance landscaping ideals.

1. Container gardens: Think outside the garden.

If you are like many of the Emerald Coast homeowners we know, you love the look of the garden but are not a fan of getting on your knees to maintain one. With a container garden you can have the same flowers and plants you enjoy expect instead of having to bend over and do all the backbreaking labor your favorite flowers and plants are kept inside a box or pots that are easy to transport inside. Container gardens are also easier for people with limited mobility or who don’t want to spend much time outdoors.

2. Ground cover to suppress weeds

If you don’t like the idea of a container garden there is another alternative that will help cut down weeds as well as mowing your grass so frequently during Pace hot summer. Ground covers simplify a gardeners life because they have the ability to control erosion without much care and can insulate the soil. Ground covers are also a great option if you’re wanting to fill in gaps or tight spaces in your Pace landscaping or want to fill in gaps in your steppingstones where weeds like to grow. In fact, once the ground cover has been established the plants can prevent germination of new weed seeds and stop old weeds from pushing them out. Fighting plants with plants- what a brilliant idea! Some of the groundcovers that do well in Pace includes purple Queens, Jasmine Minima, Blue My Mind and Dwarf Oyster Plants.

3. Go Zoysia Turf Grass

While there are a few grasses that grow well in our sandy soil if you want the easiest grass that looks great and will give you a trophy lawn then Zoysia is for you. It can be established either through sod installation or plugs. If you do decide to go the plug route, then it will take several seasons before the grass complete fills in your lawn so you may want to opt for sod installation. Zoysia sod works well for both residential and commercial landscaping in Pace. If you want something simpler then Zoysia you could also opt for artificial grass that requires no watering or mowing. The downside to artificial grass is that it can be expensive to have installed and its not ecofriendly. Read more by clicking here

4. Consider a Hardscape Instead of Landscaping

While you will want to work with a landscaping company in Pace to create a solid foundation if you are looking to cut back on some of your maintenance while increasing your backyard oasis and escalating your property value then consider a patio. deck or adding pavers. Hardscapes not only take up space, but they don’t have to be maintained except every few months when you give them a good cleaning.

5. Always Know Where Home Is

The Florida panhandle attracts is one of Americas mist popular destinations for a reason, its beautiful here and a part of our beauty is our landscape plants. Native Florida flowers, plants, shrubs, and trees require less maintenance than foreign foliage. Hats because these plants know how to survive our climate without excessive watering or fertilizing. Some of favorite native plants for landscaping in Pace are Lilyturf, Agave, and Crepe Myrtles.

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6. Evergreen -Easy Street

No, I don’t mean living on Evergreen Street in Pace FL I mean shrubs, plants, trees, vines, and groundcovers that don’t shed their leaves in the fall and look beautiful inside of flower beds, so they make landscaping easy living. There are many types of evergreens to compliment and use in your Pace landscape, including palm trees, green giant arborvitae, and astern white pine. In addition, these evergreens also happen to grow up to two feet a year making them the fastest growing evergreens along the Emerald Coast.

7. Flower Power

Who doesn’t want a flower that returns every year without any assistance, me and I know I can’t be the only one who loves perennials and a healthy, thriving, and colorful landscape year after year? While many flowers find it difficult to thrive here some of the best perennials for Pace climate is Lantana, Firebush also known as Hamelia patens, and Mexican Heather.

8. Rock and Rain Gardens Is Here to Stay

Rain gardens are a great for you and our environment and is easier to maintain just as a rock garden is. While rock gardens will catch rainwater that runs offs so it waters itself rock gardens will provide you with a no-kill landscaping design that requires no water at all.

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9. Dynamic Xeriscape Gardens

One of the most requested gardens today along the Emerald Coast is Xeriscape because they are bothered with our changing climate and can overcome out salt spray, FL bright sunshine, harsh gulf winds and sandy soil. Since they are so incredibly popular, we have gotten a tad bit creative with elements that are beyond the traditional succulent and stone gardens. The best way to maximize this is to plant according to water needs and then have your sprinkler system be zoned accordingly, always make sure to add a rain gage so you are not wasting water. Common plants you may want to include in your Pace FL xeriscape includes gulf muhly, red yucca, and desert willow, all three are drought resistant.

10. Mulch Matters

You can never have too much of a good thing, right? Your manicured landscape beds in Pace will bit only look more aesthetically pleasing with much but this is the backbone to having thriving plants. Mulch will put a halt to weeds and help your plants to hold their moisture. If you want something that last for several years instead of having to replace each season, then consider rubber or other types of inorganic mulch. If you do decide to mulch each spring, then consider wood chips or bark and add additional landscaping fabric that will provide an extra layer of protection such as Flarmoor or Hoople.

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Set it and forget it!

11. Don’t Get Irritated Get Irrigated

Whatever you choose to do with your Pace landscaping for the coming Fall season make sure that you save yourself irritation by adding an automated irrigation system that make everything run smoothly, timely, and without wasting time or your plants do to overwatering.

When to Call a Landscaping Professional?

For some Pace homeowners and businesses, the biggest issue with their landscaping is they do not have enough hours in their day for the yard to look as they wish it would. They know it has potential and they could do a better job, they even tell themselves next fall or spring they will do better but they keep putting it off because there is always something else to attend to. If you find yourself short on time or your new to landscaping and you’re working with a specific budget in mind, we recommend calling a professional landscaper in Pace who can offer design, planting, irrigation, weed control and more like A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation. Our team also goes above and beyond designing and instillation, we also maintain your landscaping and install and repair irrigation systems to prevent you from having to spend your limited time working in the yard.

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