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Thinking about enhancing your outdoor living space? Call A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation, for quality landscaping services in Panama City FL and throughout Bay County.

Even the simplest of landscaping design and projects, can quickly escalate into something that requires more time, money, and back-breaking work than you expected. Don’t let your landscaping project in Panama City turn into a stressful event instead turn to our knowable and reliable team at A Premier landscaping and Irrigation We will do all the digging, planting, and physical labor while you enjoy sit back and relax knowing soon you will have the pleasure of a beautiful, healthy, and low maintenance lawn.

Here is a sampling of the most requested landscaping and sprinkler system services Panama City homeowners ask us to provide: 


A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation has a unique approach to residential and commercial landscaping that allows us to simplify an otherwise time consuming and complicated process. When your work with our experienced team we go above and beyond what other landscaping companies in Panama City FL offer as we handle both the landscape design and build of your project so there is no need to collect multiple quotes or deal with multiple companies which in and of itself can be stressful trying to coordinate designers, gardeners, arborist, or landscape construction crews. Instead, when you work with A Premier Landscape and irrigation you have just one team to collaborate with. The results this offers is a one of a kind- quality, attractive, low maintenance landscapes where memories can be made.

When you contact us, our owner will work beside you to turn your vision into a customized landscape design and can either provide you a list of materials or will use out network with local Florida farmers to ensure you receive only the highest quality, native plants, trees, and foliage for your specific space.

Just have a look at our latest customer reviews to see why so many Panama City FL homeowners choose us.

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Randy and company do great work and I would recommend them.
Randy's humor and ease to converse with personality make him fun to deal with. He is quick to get back to you as questions arise. His teams are hard workers who take pride in the finished product. They always had a smile on their faces and were quick to change gears when we changed our minds about something without so much as a frown.



Landscape Sprinkler System & Drip Installation In
Panama City FL

Bay County Best Sprinkler System Service

Providing Bay County Homeowners With A Easy & Effective Way To Obtain a Beautiful, Healthy Lawn

In addition to being a full-service landscaping company in Panama City FL, we also offer lawn sprinkler systems, installation, repairs, and maintenance throughout Bay County because great-looking lawns require great irrigation systems. When you invest in a landscape installation and design you want to know that’s an investment well made and the best way to protect your plants, trees, and other landscape foliage in Northwest Florida is to ensure they receive the proper amount of water. With our drier season’s between September and June a quality sprinkler system can make the difference between green grass and brown grass, healthy plants or plants struggling to survive. Our automated sprinkler systems are also designed so that you conserve water because overwatering can be as detrimental for plants as not having enough water. When you have excess water your wasting precious resources, risking your soil, and drowning your living plants. This is why it is also important you have quality drainage. If you are in the market for a sprinkler system or drip system in Panama City FL  we offer:

  • Sprinkler system repairs

  • Sprinkler system installation

  • Sprinkler Inspections & Maintenance  

  • Sprinkler Rerouting

  • Sprinkler Automated Timer Setting & Zoning

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Drainage Solutions


When you enlist our landscaping designs and installation, you not only have one reliable and consistent project manager to save you time and money but the two biggest benefits of choosing our landscapers are you will not have to sacrifice quality for cost-saving convenience, and we use ecological landscape designs. Naïve foliage not only enhances the beauty of your design especially living in our area but choosing what grows here is crucial to restoring Northwest Florida’s ecosystem, increasing biodiversity, and their high resistance to our soil and weathering conditions. Take for example our grass, if your new to the area this may come as a surprise.  Lush, green grass is possible but the work to achieve such a thing is extensive.

Northwest Florida is one of the most difficult places in the U.S. to keep a lawn green and healthy due to sandy soil our soil lacks sulfur and nitrogen. In addition, homeowners must battle weeds, insects, diseases, and inconsistent rainfall which changes require changing the sprinkler system on a regular. When all this strain is placed on your landscape in Panama City FL you will quickly understand why many homeowners either settle for less than a stellar lawn or reach out to someone with the expertise to keep their lawn healthy, we hope that someone is us! 

Other Benefits of Ecological Landscape in Panama City FL

  • Native plants, shrubs, and flowers require fewer chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and other toxic treatments

  • Increase water conservation efforts, our native plants adjust better to our inconsistent rainfall and hold water better than nonnative plants  

  • Native Plants can withstand our long, hot, and oppressive summers which means spending less money having to replace plants that can’t stand the heat.

  • Lower Landscape Maintenance, our foliage can resist more disease and environmental risk than other plants

  • Better air quality: When you need less maintenance, you use less lawn maintenance equipment which can emit toxic particles into the air.

  • Many native plants can protect the soil of your lawn from flooding keeping it rich so your plants flourish

  • Native plants are generally not invasive making your landscaping easier as you have more options and open space for foliage to grow freely.


Want to know more about our native plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers? Contact us for a free consultation to start your ecological landscape design in Panama City FL or visit the Florida Native Plant Society 

Ecological Landscaping Designs
& Installation 

Well Drilling and Well Repairs Panama City FL


Because we value water, and we value homeowners needs for this natural resource you can also count on A Premier Landscape and Irrigation for quality wells and water systems. We make it a priority to be prompt, professional, and work hard to earn your business by providing high yielding sand, gravel, and rock water well drilling to meet your households needs. Our trained and licensed employs stay heavily involved in every aspect from planning for a well on your property to well drilling, well and pump repairs, annual well inspections, and well maintenance so that your well never runs dry. We are utilizing mud rotary drilling efforts to ensure you receive the well depth you need and as quickly as possible. When you hire us for your well drilling services you can rest easy knowing you have the best and most reliable products and services for you and your family For all your well services in and near Pensacola FL, look no further than our dedicated team at A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation. 


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