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A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation provide a wide arrangement of landscaping service from design to installation and maintenance to meet the needs of Navarre FL homeowner. Whether you are looking to give your lawn a simple or spectacular makeover give us a call! With our highly rated landscape designs, you are sure to want to be outside as often as you can, and the best part is you can enjoy the beauty without the backache.

There’s no lawn problem we can’t solve and no landscaping design we can’t install. Our most popular landscaping services include:


With our extensive knowledge and experience, our team has successfully designed both residential and commercial landscaping projects. From choosing the trees, shrubs and flowers that survive best in our sub-tropical and planting them in such a way your landscape is easy upkeep. Designing outdoor lights to highlight your landscapes best features while providing additional security, and sprinkler systems that keep your landscape looking its best without having to exhaust yourself from manual watering efforts. At A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation, we do all the work, and you receive all the enjoyment.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a New Landscaping?


If you recently had a home built in Navarre and your landscaping was designed when you built your home, you likely could benefit from a few updates or a sprinkler system installation. However, if your home is much older than a fresh new landscape design can rewind the hands of time making your property look youthful and vibrant. A new Navarre landscape design and installation can reduce your water usage and cooling cost. A green lawn is drastically cooler than the alternative of cement r bare soil. With our sod installation you will have radiating cooler temperatures around your property which can reduce our air conditioning usage this summer.


Upgrading your Navarre landscaping comes with other benefits as well:

  • Weed Control – The key to controlling weeds in your yard is a healthy lawn, when your lawn is poorly maintained weeds can find a way to sneak in and attack. 

  • Higer Property VALUE– Landscaping can boost your property value by as much as 12% and if you are looking to sale make or break a deal.

  • INCREASED Enviorment– A beautiful landscape that says welcome home, that makes you feel happy to come home to is one of the greatest benefits of all.

  • QUIETNESS & Privacy – We may love our home, not our neighbors. With the proper landscaping you can provide a privacy barrier around your property and can even block out some of the noise from lawn mowers, traffic, and pets.

Get in touch with our team today to learn more about updating your landscaping.  We’re happy to come evaluate your lawn to understand your needs and offer suggestions that may work best with your layout. Whatever vision you have from a more elegant, relaxing space to a more kid friendly environment let our landscaping team in Navarre FL show you how we can turn your vision into a reality.

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Our backyard was in desperate need of a makeover, and we were so pleased with the work that Randy and his team completed. They completed the job on time, and on budget, and helped us achieve a beautiful result. The choices made were appropriate for our rain/sun mix, and we expect it to mature and grow well over time. Thanks Randy!

Sue Ellen


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Reliable Sprinkler System Services in Navarre Fl


Your sprinkler system is an essential part of your home’s landscaping.  You rely on it for properly watering your plants, trees, shrubs, and flower beds. But without proper zoning coverage, you could be wasting water on your sidewalk or fences. Each zone may require different heads each is controlled by valves that are electronically activated. In fact sprinkler system has many moving parts and when it malfunctions or breaks it can flood a yard. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your sprinkler system functioning properly. You can count on our team for cost-effective maintenance and reliable sprinkler system repairs in Navarre FL or throughout Santa Rosa County. Our qualified sprinkler system contractors will inspect, repair, replace or adjust every component of your system thoroughly, ensuring you won’t have problems with your sprinkler system anytime soon. If your unit has lost its efficiency or is beginning to require frequent repair, we can also help you select the right sprinkler system replacement.

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A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation is the preferred landscaping designer, installer, and sprinkler system company in Santa Rosa County. We have provided quality landscaping and irrigation services since 1989 and go above and beyond to exceed our customer's expectations. In addition, we realize emergencies do arise and this is why we offer same-day services.  If you have a sprinkler emergency or a storm has left, your yard in shambles we provide same-day emergency yard cleanup. Our goal is to provide our clients in Navarre the services they need when they need it and at a price, they can agree to.

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We put our landscaping team in Navarre FL must pass rigorous background checks and training before they deal with your lawn.


Using the latest sprinkler system technology, we’re able to provide the best and most cost-efficient solutions for your lawn watering needs.


Dealing with a water well problem that has left you without water? We’re available for same-day or next-day well service in Navarre and across Santa Rosa County so you don’t have to go long without the expert solutions to your water problems.

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