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Landscape Design

Residential Landscaping Design Pensacola FL

A Collaberative work of art combining your vision the deep respect we all share for nature and

our climate mixed with our creative mind to bring you a unique one of a kind living work of art!

Coming home to a serene outdoor space will quickly remove the stress away from your day.  At A Premier and Landscaping we are passionate about landscaping and have an unparalleled understanding of professional landscape design, installation, and servicing of residential and commercial lawns in our unique climate. As Natives of the sunshine state and professional landscapers for over 30 years we can bring your vision to life.  No outdoor space is too big or small to fulfill the plans you have for your beautiful lawn.


What You Can Expect from Our Landscape Design Team in Pensacola FL


Are you considering having your landscaping updated? Whether you desire a first-class garden or want to have a creating a space that is innovative, sustainable, and responsive to North Florida’s environment our landscaping designers in Pensacola Fl have the knowledge and experience to give life to your vision. Our team is responsible to our residential and commercial customers from the design development phase to the successful completion of your project. When you hire A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation, we ensure timely an accurate service and full involvement. We believe that a great landscape is the result of great collaboration. Our clients benefit from our relationships with local nurseries and farmers to hand select the best plants, materials, accessories, outdoor lighting, and furnishings so that you always receive a polished and beautiful living work of art that says “welcome home” 

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Best Flower Bed Landscape Design

 for Pensacola FL homeowners

Flowers can solve all your landscaping problems but there a wonderful start!

Flower beds are a beautiful addition to any Northwest Florida yard as they add color and make your yard look polished but installing a flower bed can be demanding of your time and effort so many Floridians turn to our experienced Pensacola landscaping for a hassle-free yard. With over 30 years of experience, A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation can provide you with unlimited options for your flower bed design. We can provide you with the right location and type of flowers in your favorite shades of colors or if you’re a minimalist a single color.  We can also offer recommendations from the color of mulch that will best compliment your color of blooms to border materials such as brick, wood, or stone.  Whatever you can dream we can design and for a price, you can agree to. 

Some Of Our Most Beautiful Blooms
For Your
  Landscape Design in Pensacola FL

Blanket Flowers

Hibiscus Flowers


Do you want a beautiful lawn without any of the work? We offer affordable landscaping maintenance too!

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Landscape Plants

Get Inspired!  Visit Fort Walton Beach for landscaping ideas, there you will find an array of natural plant life for  your home

Our landscape designer wants to help you make the most of your lawn this includes planting the right plants in the proper location. During your complimentary design consultation, it’s important we get to know you as no two yard or homeowners for that fact are the same. Some of our clientele want to create a low-maintenance yard while others want to showcase their plants, either way, we will ensure with our proper planning that your plans will thrive for years. Because we plant the right plants you can trust that your plants will:


  •  Establish and Grow Quickly

  • Produce Healthy Roots

  • Have a healthy immune system to withstand insects and diseases

 The key to success with our plants is proper planning, by having A Premier Landscape and irrigation plant your plants in the proper location you will spend less time maintaining your plants and more time enjoying them.

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Need to add Trees or Shrubs?

Let us plan your layout with careful consideration to tree roots you can have plenty of shade from Florida suns

Trees have the ability to increase your property value but they also have the ability to destroy it, when you plant your trees it's crucial to your roof and plumbing to know how to layout your lawn so that when trees mature their crows and root system will not interfere with your home, this is why working with a professional landscape designer for your Pensacola Fl property is a worthwhile investment. When we plant trees, we identify areas that will provide you the most shade and a softer view. We also take into consideration your house; would you like to wake up each day and look outside your window at a palm tree or have a tree that enhances a particular feature. By planning and identifying these areas our landscape team in Pensacola can solve your tree problems and find the prime place for your trees to be planted so they meet your needs.  Some of the trees that grow best in our area are:

  • Acer Buergerianum 'Streetwise' (Trident Maple)

  • Aesculus Pavia (Red Buckeye)

  • Amelanchier Arborea (Downy Serviceberry)

  • Carpinus caroliniana (American Hornbeam)

  • Cercis Canadensis (Eastern Redbud)

  • Cercis Canadensis 'Forest Pansy' (Red Leaf Redbud)

  • Chionanthus Retusus (Chinese Fringetree)

  • Acer Buergerianum 'Streetwise' (Trident Maple)

Downy Service Berry

Trident Maple Leaves

Red Buckeye

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Working with A Premier Landscape and Irrigation means you can rely on hassle-free designing from start to finish. We take the time to listen to your needs and will schedule an appointment time most convenient for you.

You’ll receive upfront pricing and written estimates so there are never surprises at the end. In addition to landscape design in Pensacola Flour team also constructs, plants, and maintains landscaping in Gulf Breeze, pace FL, Navarre Fl, and the entire Northwest Florida area.

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