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Irrigation Repairs
Automatic Sprinkler System Repairs for Northwest FL Residents 

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Sprinkler System Services in Northwest Florida 

whatever your need, you can rely on A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation to find the best irrigation solution. Many repair issues can be fixed the same day. 

Is your lawn sprinkler system giving you trouble? Perhaps a broken sprinkler head has left your yard flooded. Then reach out and call our highly trained professionals at A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation, are here to help you with all your sprinkler system repairs.

As your residential landscaping company, we're ready to handle your problems as if they were our own and offer a wide range of services to take care of your needs immediately.  


We Offer Sprinkler System Installation Too!

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$25 OFF

Any Sprinkler Repair Over $200.00

Our Premier Lawn Sprinkler’s ”System” is a tried and true process to provide hassle-free irrigation solutions for Pensacola residents 

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Signs Your Sprinkler System  Needs Repairs

 Have Peace of Mind Knowing your Watering Effectively with Our Sprinkler System Repairs in Pensacola FL.  

Sprinkler systems are the workhorse of a beautiful and healthy lawn from quaint residential plots to the private retreats of residential acres, irrigation systems, deliver the vital watering your plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers depend on without the manual intense labor as your sprinkler system comes fully automated. As with every other system that runs your home there comes a time when a sprinkler system requires maintenance and repairs.


Our team has built our reputation across Northwest Florida for being a “customer first” landscape company, this means regardless of who installed your sprinkler system we are happy to review, repair or maintain it. Many snowbirds who flock to the Emerald Coast rely on A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation knowledgeable and friendly team to “Welcome them to Greener Grass” when they purchase their new home.

Here is only a small sampling of sprinkler system repairs we offer in Pensacola FL:

  • Add or Replace Sprinkler heads & nozzles 
  • Replace Control Timers or Valves
  • Repair broken sprinkler line
  • Reset or Raise sprinkler heads
  • Install a valve box or rain sensor
  • Conduct a backflow test or install a backflow preventer

Drip Irrigation Installation & Repairs in Pensacola Fl

Ensure the water your paying for and applying goes to your landscape, not the concrete or fence

With much of Florida facing droughts conserving water is important for the environment and your wallet. With drip irrigation installation your plants, trees, flowers, and foliage will benefit from direct watering at their roots. We install garden irrigation and drip irrigation emitters to shrub and flower beds or repair drip irrigation filters and pressure regulators to prevent wasting water. We offer same day and next day drip irrigation systems installation and repairs that will:

  • Achieve Maximum Water Conservation

  •  Saves You Money on Your Water Bill

  •  Eliminate Weeds & Standing Water

  • Reduces Weed Growth

  •  Prevents Mosquitos


In addition, our drip irrigation installation can be used with existing or new landscape designs as they can easily adjust to your property configurations. The best thing about our drip irrigation system is they improve root activity creating a better grow environment for your plants, shrubs, trees, and flowers.  

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Save Water & Keep Your Yard Beautiful with Drip Irrigation
 great for beds, vegetable gardens, even potted plants
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Looking To Replace Your Sprinkler System?

Save Up to 50% on water savings with our leading industry irrigation systems from Rainbird. 

Our highly trained professionals are eager to help with repairs to your current system or replacement such as sprinkler heads or drip irrigation. In the event, we are unable to repair your existing irrigation system we can help you find and install the right sprinkler system in Pensacola FL for your lawn and for a price you can agree to.

Because we offer services to repair your irrigation system, you can feel confident that the same technicians who helped you pick out and install your sprinkler system will be back to make sure it’s working in the best possible condition!

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Sprinkler System Rerouting

Save Up to 50% on water savings with our leading industry irrigation systems from Rainbird. 

One of the most requested sprinkler system services is to reroute or overhaul your sprinkler system.  If you have recently moved to a new home in Northwest Florida, the sprinkler system you just acquired may be outdated. On average a sprinkler system in Pensacola FL will last 20 years but the sprinkler heads may have only half of that lifespan and need to be repaired, replaced, or simply rotated because no one wants to spend money watering their concrete. Rerouting is also helpful if you had a recently updated landscape design done in Pensacola FL. When you add a new garden or flower bed this requires adding additional zoning coverage.   In fact, if you had any add-on done to your home or lawn you want to consult with our professional landscaping team. When you work with A Premier Landscape and Irrigation, you can rest easy knowing we will complete whatever sprinkler system services you need in Pensacola FL, or throughout the Emerald Coast. Our team is licensed, insured, and certified and will work hard to exceed your expectations.

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Pensacola FL #1 Sprinkler System Services 

The friendly and knowledgeable professionals at A Premier Landscape and Irrigation are here to provide the best sprinkler system installation and sprinkler system repairs in Pensacola FL and the surrounding area. We want our customers to know that our top priority is to provide you a healthy and beautiful lawn at a fair price.

We know you work hard to achieve a lush lawn and in our warm weather frequently use your irrigation system, this is why we make sure your sprinkler system is working properly for your plant's success. We are here for the little jobs like swapping out ahead or nozzle to major overhauls like replacing your sprinkler system to save you time, money, and your landscape. If you are searching for “Sprinkler System repair near me”, spend some time researching our services at A Premier Landscape and Irrigation. When you work with our team you can expect:

  • Upfront, fair pricing

  • Leading Industry Equipment from Rain Bird

  • Background-checked, insured and licensed landscapers

  • On-time service

  • 100% satisfaction Guarantee

Full Transparency

You will know what sprinkler repairs are needed from the work involved to our prices, so there are never any unpleasant surprises


Honest Recommendations

We will never try to sell you a sprinkler system you don’t need, just to pad our pockets. We provide you the same advice we’d take ourselves.  


No Mess Left Behind:

We treat customers' lawns the same way we treat our own, we will make sure when we leave your landscape is as unspoiled as to how we found it. 


Repair, Replace, Installation, or Maintenance

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