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Irrigation Inspection & VIP Maintenance Program
Penscola FL Trusted sprinkler repairs & Inspections 

Sprinkler System Check Ups Pensacola FL

Form sprinkler systems installation to repairs and checkups to sure your system is running at its optimal perfomece give A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation a call 850-897-1000

In Northwest Florida whether we are experiencing drought conditions or normal rainfall, water conservation should always be a top priority to sustain our current water supply needs and protect our future. With sprinkler system repairs in Pensacola FL, you ensure you are maximizing your water usage at all times. If you let your sprinkler system sit idle before running your system on a routine basis allow our team to come test your sprinkler system to make sure its working properly. Some of the items we test include:


  • Making sure all zones switch off and on,

  • Check for damaged or misdirected sprinkler heads

  • Inspect moisture sensors

  • Check Controller has backup battery in case you lose power

  • Program seasonal settings & adhere to water limits 

  • Clean nozzles & ensure optimal spray coverage by making necessary adjustments

  • Check yard for dry spots

Once or team has conducted a thorough inspection of your sprinkler system, we will present you a detailed report including an upfront and fair price for our tea, to fix them. We offer sprinkler system repairs in Pensacola FL as well as Gulf Breeze, Pace FL, Destin FL, and Crestview FL.

Complete Irrigation Services 

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Lawn Drainage

Ready To Start Your Sprinkler System Now That Spring Is Here? Call Us for Your Spring Start-Up in Pensacola FL!

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Join Our Sprinkler System VIP Program 

 Have Peace of Mind knowing your Sprinkler System is Running Its Best! 

Making sure customers' lawn and watering needs are effective and easy is what you get when you hire A Premier Landscape & Irrigation and as a VIP, we have made this even easy with our auto-scheduling, priority program. Our 12 point inspection process include

  • Preforming a test cycle

  • Checking for leaks

  • Ensuring controller is functioning properly

  • Check rain sensors are up to par

  • Cleaning heads and nozzles

  • Checking Lines are clean & clear of clogs

  • Check Automatic valves open & close correctly

  • Ensuring Electrical Solenoids Function properly

  • Check Nozzles For Correct Spraying Patterns

  • Notifying customer of necessary repair needed

  • Making Sprinkler head adjustments & checking for leaky seals

  • Provide customer full, detailed report


Spring system checkup:  Late February until Early March

Summer System 1st Check-Up: Plan for June

Summer System 2nd Checkup: Planned for September

Winterization & System Check: Planned for November

Sprinkler System Seasonal StartUp

Ensure the water your paying for and applying goes to your landscape, not the concrete or fence

Have you turned off your sprinkler system perhaps during the rainy season when you allow the rain to water your landscaping or when there is risk of frost generally between November and March before you turn it back on make sure that your system is in tip-top shape before activation. In addition, we will insulate any exposed pipes for freeze protection including the hose bib and water faucets, Our average starts up the cost between $75.00 and $100 depending on the size of your sprinkler system but as a VIP this service is included with your paid membership.

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Pensacola FL Best Sprinkler System Services 

A Premier Landscape and Irrigation is one of Northwest Florida's most trusted irrigation service providers and for good reason. We do our utmost to ensure customer satisfaction, keeping our prices competitive, and always being on time for appointments. When you call us for service, whether for a sprinkler system inspection or sprinkler head repair, you can trust that the job will get done right. If you are searching for “Sprinkler System repair near me”, spend some time researching our services at A Premier Landscape and Irrigation.

Complete Immediate Service

Dealing with flooding because of running water that won’t shut off? Call us for prompt service, we won't leave you long without the repairs you need. 

Drip Irrigation Services


Prevent larger and more costly home repairs such as structural issues with our drip irrigation installation & repairs.




Consider our wifi-controlled sprinkler systems that you can control from anywhere at any time to manage your lawn with convenience at the touch of a button. 

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Don't suffer from a broken sprinkler head! Call Pensacola best-  A Premier Landscape and Irrigation to schedule maintenance or sprinkler repairs