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Most Floridians envision the perfect lawn and landscape from making their entry way warmer and inviting to providing a picturistic view from inside the house. Whatever it is you want to change if the thought of a lot of hours of manual labor is something you would rather avoid turn to our experts at A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation for your Gulf Breeze landscaping needs. We provide a full range of landscaping services. Our landscapers have three decades of experience and knowledge to help you create a stunning landscape that will transform your outdoor area without you having to drip a drop of sweat to do it. We take pride in creating absolutely gorgeous and spectacular landscapes from specialty gardens that could represent a special trip to the Italy or the Mediterranean or perhaps a tropical garden with big leaf plants, a Zen rock garden, and koi pond. Whatever you dream, we can design and have the skillset to see it to fruition. Our landscape designs can also incorporate such features as:


Gulf Breeze Landscaping Services to Fit Every Budget

Our landscaping professionals have thirty years of experience and are available to offer their expertise and guidance to help you create the best landscape design for your Santa Rosa property without breaking the bank. Whether you are looking to add a few Hibiscuses, Coreopsis, or Heuchera to your flower beds or want a more expansive landscape design, there are an endless number of landscape design options to meet your budgeting needs. To make our services more budget friendly we customize each service during our free consultation and offer seniors and veterans a 10% discount. Give us a call to schedule your consultation and let’s discuss your landscaping dreams or start from scratch and build the dream together. We look forward to working with you to turn your vision into a reality.

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Randy and company do great work and I would recommend them.
Randy's humor and ease to converse with personality make him fun to deal with. He is quick to get back to you as questions arise. His teams are hard workers who take pride in the finished product. They always had a smile on their faces and were quick to change gears when we changed our minds about something without so much as a frown.


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If you have yet to hear of “softscapes,” you haven’t spent enough time with our crew at A Premier Landscape and Irrigation. While many companies focus on hardscapes, we consider ourselves softscape experts. At the heart of all our Gulf Breeze landscape designs includes plants, trees, shrubs, flower beds, specialty gardens, and other colorful design elements that bring true character to your residential or commercial landscaping project. Let our team bring color to your lawn's blank canvas with our creative and hearty softscape design options.


How? We’re glad you asked because we are the only soft scape landscaper you will find along the Emerald Coast. The goal with our landscaping is to create the kind of spaces that bring “soft” ever-changing visual appeal that only comes from native growing and flowering softscapes. Our team of designers has a trained set of eyes to map out each feature detail such as raised beds, flower beds, vegetable gardens, and specialty garden in such a way they provide absolute versatility and beauty to your Gulf Breeze landscape. Our team knows the best way to establish these areas and takes into consideration such details as sunlight and shade patterns to know what will fill a blank canvas best so that there are no seasons lacking colors. Since softscapes are always growing and changing, they must be effectively managed and cared for to avoid weeds, thinning, diseases, and pest infestation. We care for your new softscape with mulching, pruning, and shaping trees and shrubs, deadheading flowers to stimulate growth, and repositioning plants when necessary. Contact our Gulf Breeze landscaping team to learn more about what soft scape landscaping can do for your backyard oasis.

Gulf Breeze SoftScape Landscaping Expert

We enjoy working with homeowners in Gulf Breeze landscaping because our climate provides a unique advantage, while our weather can be tricky it can also provide the climate you need to have a flower bed that blooms year around if you plant accordingly. However, these seasonal flower beds do require special attention and knowledge when it comes to design and regular upkeep. At A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation, we offer a free consultation, flower bed designing, installation, and routine maintenance to keep your landscaping looking its best. If you are seeking to add a flower bed to your home or to restore an existing flower bed, give our Gulf Breeze landscaping team a call.  We will listen to your input and create the best design to fit your needs, we will also ensure its properly mulched and stays hydrated to provide you the most beautiful bouquet of natural flowers- that require no picking to enjoy. 

Looking for the best way to remove weeds from your flower bed? Instead of taking the time to grab each weed- pick up your phone and call us for help!


Flower Bed Creation & Restoration


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Landscape Lighting

Once you have installed your new Gulf Breeze landscape, it's only natural you want to display it proudly and enjoy it night and day. One of the best ways to provide nighttime landscape displays is with our outdoor lighting that will make your lawn warm, friendly, and inviting and your home safer. We offer an array of lightscape lights from backlighting

and foreshadowing to:

  • Pathway lights

  • Ground lights

  • Security Lighting

  • Deck Lighting

  • Patio String Lighting

  • Tree lighting


Many of these options are LED low voltage to manage our carbon footprint and save on your utility cost but we also offer solar-powered lights as well. When you need to light up your Gulf Coast landscaping, we can help.


Gulf Breeze Commercial Landscaping

Gulf Breeze Commercial Landscaping Services to Make an Impact

In addition to offering residents of Gulf Breeze landscaping services we also provide commercial landscaping for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, retail shopping centers, commercial offices, and more. Our dedicated team understands that your property's appearance is the first impression a new client or customer sees and in Santa Rosa County you want to make it a lasting one. Your investment in landscaping will increase your customer retention to earn you more profit and allow your business to stand apart from your competition. With so much on the line, you need a commercial landscaping partner you can count on. We understand! Hiring our Gulf Breeze landscaping team will allow you to manage your business while we manage your property's upkeep, and our team assures you it will look it's absolute best. We are in this together and won’t let you down! In fact, we guarantee it. If you are unhappy with our services for any reason we will refund the cost of your service call. 

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