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Keep your grass green this summer – Call A Premier Landscaping & Irrigation, for sprinkler system repairs and landscaping services anywhere in Okaloosa County.

Faulty sprinkler systems can turn a plush green lawn into a landscaper worst nightmare seemingly overnight. They can also lead to your yard flooding and if you are on a well it may run dry. Get help for your sprinkler system by contacting the #1 sprinkler system repair company in Destin, FL– A Premier Landscape and Irrigation.


As a leading Landscaping company in Okaloosa County, we provide a wide range of lawn care services, including:

  • Sprinkler head and nozzle replacement

  • Sprinkler system & Drip Irrigation installation

  • Landscape Design & Construction

  • Garden & Bed Creation

  • Landscape Clean Up & Debris Removal

  • Well Drilling & Pump Repairs

Our licensed, insured, and reliable team will arrive on-time and treat you and your property with the utmost respect. Our prices are fair, upfront, and we use the latest technology for sprinkler system installation to complete jobs efficiently and effectively.

For more about why we are among Destin FL top landscaping company, check out our five-star customer reviews.  

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Landscaping Reviews

Randy and company do great work and I would recommend them.
Randy's humor and ease to converse with personality make him fun to deal with. He is quick to get back to you as questions arise. His teams are hard workers who take pride in the finished product. They always had a smile on their faces and were quick to change gears when we changed our minds about something without so much as a frown.



Landscape Sprinkler System Installation & Repairs
In Fort Walton Beach 

Professional Automated Sprinkler System Installation

Providing Okaloosa County With A Easy & Effective Way To
Water Their Lawn

Irrigation systems are ideal for any size of the property, we install only the best sprinkler systems from leading brands such as Rain Bird that offer low volume water-conserving systems at competitive prices.

At A Premier Landscaping and Irrigation, we start all our new installations with a thorough assessment of your property to ensure we recommend the right coverage for your size of the property and the right spray heads for such things as delicate plants

Our team can handle both residential and commercial sprinkler systems. If you need irrigation repairs, we can also fix or upgrade your sprinkler heads, reroute or rezone for additional water features of spaces to ensure proper watering. Contact us today to discuss your sprinkler system and landscaping needs in Destin FL. No project is too big or small for our crews.

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Since 1989, we have served as Destin’s most reliable landscaping and Irrigation contractor. Our services are available throughout Okaloosa County, including Niceville, Shalimar, Baker, and Mary Esther FL and you can rely on us for everything from plant selection to tree planting and the sprinkler system to keep them all beautiful.

Some signs your sprinkler system needs repairs include:

  • Uneven Watering

  • Loss of Pressure

  • Sputtering Heads

  • Low Water Supply from Well

  • Spiked water Bill



Our team can fix most sprinkler system issues on the spot. If the problem is beyond repair, we can provide you with a cost-effective sprinkler system replacement.

For more about us and our services, explore the rest of our site, or give us a call to discuss your landscaping project in Destin FL.

Sprinkler System Repairs & Replacement

Our sprinkler system maintenance and repair service ensures that your system lasts as long as possible and prevent sudden breakdowns. Your system is never an install and forget it type of situation, if you want it to last and run at its optimal performance so you conserve water while allowing your yard to thrive

We recommend scheduling a sprinkler tune-up at least once a year. During the service, we will inspect all parts of your sprinkler system, clean it, and fix or replace any damaged components. Early detection of issues will save you from the cost and inconvenience of needing emergency repairs due to flooding or having to replace plants that are overwatered.

Our sprinkler system service will also extend your system’s lifespan and protect your warranty.

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Extend The Life f Your Sprinkler System


We put our landscaping team in Destin FL through advanced training to properly care for foliage in addition to background screening to ensure they have the knowledge to care for your lawn.


We install only the best in sprinkler system technology, as a result we’re able to conserve water, save time and offer a more cost-efficient solution for your landscaping in Destin. 


Dealing with a water well problem like sputtering water? or has your water stopped? We’re available for same-day well service in Destin FL and across Okaloosa County so you don’t have to go long without drinking water. We have the expert solutions you need.


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